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SCI FI & Smith Have BUSINESS (Article) - 4/21/2009 11:32:58 AM

Talk about well traveled territory!  There are 3 or 4 receint shows that have used this concept, including Medium which is still on the air.  True, a new spin could reinvogorate the material and make it seem fresh but as it stands this only evokes a big yawn from me.  Can't they find something new to do?

But really, what do we really expect form a channel called Syfy? 

5 Cosmic Events That Could Kill You Before Lunch (Article) - 4/20/2009 11:39:21 AM

I usually really enjoy these Cracked articles but I din't find this one that funny.  I guess the possible sudden and unpreventable extinction of the human race just doesn't have that giggle factor...


17 AGAIN Topples Cranky Report (Article) - 4/20/2009 11:37:12 AM

I'm feeling so torn about the new ST film.  I'm afraid I'm a bit of a continuity nazi and it sounds like the film is going to make a hash out of established ST continuity.  Then again, I want to see Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Why reboot something that didn't need to be rebooted anyway?

Zombies Ate My Column! (Article) - 4/20/2009 11:28:35 AM

Journey to the Center of the Earth (HBO, 8:00 PM EDT)
On the other end of the cool scale is this noisy, pointless remake of the Jules Verne classic, which has absolutely nothing to recommend it besides the 3-D effects (effects which presumably won't be ported over from your local IMAX theater).

I'll tell you what it's got.  It's got Brendan Frasier running around all sweaty in a damp tank top.  That's easily enough reason to check it out, but the T-Rex was cool too.


New HALF-BLOOD Trailer (Article) - 4/17/2009 11:29:50 AM

Hermione may be simmering with jealousy, but she doesn't simper.  It's just not her style.

FLASH GORDON to be "Gritty and real" (Article) - 4/17/2009 4:29:19 AM

As for scientific integrity, it's as important in scifi as it is in contemporary fiction.  If in an otherwise mainstream detective movie the director decided that for plot reasons Niagra Falls would run backwards and water would flow up hill, nobody would accept it.  It would be roundly derided as trash.  So why do directors think that fudging scientific acuracy is ok if the movie is set on Mars?

FLASH GORDON to be "Gritty and real" (Article) - 4/17/2009 4:23:34 AM

Lazarus,  the Flash Gordon on Scifi did improve drastically.  The episodes at the end of the season, while not great, were entertaining.  The problem was that the episodes of the first half of the season  were so dismally bad that by the time the show started to improve nobody was watching anymore.

I think it's too soon after that disasterous series to do a Flash Gordon project.  Let the property rest for a few years and start fresh when Scifi's Flash Gordon series has been forgotten.

Fringe: Unleashed (Article) - 4/17/2009 3:45:15 AM

The Monster Of The Week didn't do it for me.  Probably because I thought the monster was stupid.  A combination of a gilla monster, a bat and a wasp?  Come on!

And hunting through the sewers for the monster was a particurlarly unoriginal idea.  Monsters always hide in the sewer.


The Top 20 Greatest Fantasy Writers of All-Time (Article) - 4/16/2009 11:47:23 AM

As for comic writers, can I nominate Wendy and Richard Pini?


Check the Pilots (Article) - 4/14/2009 3:40:43 AM

Well, NCIS is a very popular show so it's not that suprising that they should do a spin off.  And hey, I watch it.  But since I watch it to see those particurlar characters interact rather than to see the solution of a mystery (the same reason I watch Bones and Numb3rs come to think of it) I feel a spin off would have a limited appeal to me.

As for surgeons in South Florida, hey, that's Nip/Tuck (until they moved to LA).  And Nip/Tuck is really good.

I think it's more about the quality of the shows.  I'd rather watch a good show about Florida surgeons than a bad show about time travel.  Then again, I'd rather watch a good show about time travel than a good show about surgeons.  But with the state of TV what it is, you take what you can get.


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