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Out of Gas (Article) - 5/3/2007 7:10:25 AM

Everything George Clooney was in died. Until he it it big with ER. Sometimes you just need to be in the right show at the right time. I thought the whole point of downloading free shows and movies from the internet was that you didn't have to pay for them. They are free. Once you have downloaded Movie X for free and burned it onto a disk, what would be the point of going out and buying another copy? So everybody involved with the production and legitimate sale of Movie X gets no monetary renumeration from the purchase of the DVD that you didn't make.

SAHARA Legal Saga Coming to End? (Article) - 5/3/2007 6:56:58 AM

As I understand it, the movie got made largely because McConaughey was a Cussler fan and wanted to play Dirk Pitt. How could Cussler not know what he looked like beforehand? To later complain that he looks nothing like the description of the character in the book seems lame. As for the Al character, I find Zahn more attractive and interesting than the character as described in the book. Of course, I saw the film before I ever heard of Cussler and his novels so I was used to thinking of the characters as the actors I had seen.

SAHARA Legal Saga Coming to End? (Article) - 5/1/2007 11:38:11 AM

Well, I really liked this movie. It had handsome guys with out shirts on, lots of action, a killer motorboat chase and an intriguing mystery. I thought the locations were beautiful and the actors did a competent job. What's not to like? I liked it so much that I tried reading one of Cussler's books but I was disappointed. I thought it was poorly written and didn't finish it. Go figure. I also saw National Treasure but wasn't impressed. The idea that there could be large cashes of treasure burried under Manhattan is nonsensical. Disbelief not suspended. Give me a trackless jungle or sprawling dessert location any day.

Out of Gas (Article) - 5/1/2007 7:32:18 AM

Ok, it comes down to this. If I download music or movies or TV shows free online, I'm unlikely to take my money to the mall and spend it on that product. The artists who created it don't get their royalties, the producers who financed it don't get their money, the store doesn't get their cut and the mall doesn't get their rent. All of those people have lost income because I illegally downloaded the product. And if any of that money goes to some kind of corporation., well, those corporations have employees who are waiting for paychecks and might loose their jobs if everybody steals the artistic content that their company sells. Too bad about Drive. I missed the premier on Sunday because I watch other shows on Sundays. I missed the first ep on a Monday because I forgot it was supposed to be on. I cought the second ep on a Monday and liked it. I turned in last night to find a rerun on House instead, and promptly changed the channel. House doesn't impress me. Why are your picks of Lost and Heros so obvious? The Stargates have new eps on Friday and our British and Canadian friends who have alread seen these eps tell us that Friday's offerings are great. Why is every episode of a show that isn't intimately involved with the continuing arc dubbed "filler". That makes the assumption that such eps will be of lesser quality and I contest that. I think that on many series, stand alone eps have provided some of the best entertainment of the series. Let me point out the X-Files where the arc stories, at first so intriguing, became a convoluted mess as time went on. By the 9th season when Mulder left and Robert Patrick came on board, the stand alone spisodes were still quite entertaining while the arc episodes were confusing and dull.

Battle of the Chloes (Article) - 4/21/2007 11:42:11 AM

I tried to watch 24. I wanted to like it becasue I like Keifer Sutherland. But way back in the first season I dropped it at about hour 6. All the things that had supposedly happened in 6 hours should have taken days to unfold and my suspension of disbelief was stretched past the breaking point. So I haven't seen Jack Bauer torture anybody. But if torture is frequently depicted as right and good, that is a bad thing. There ARE people out there who will copy what they see on TV or in movies. Maybe they are not the best and brightest of us. But does that really matter to their victims?

"Lost: Catch-22" (Article) - 4/21/2007 10:08:08 AM

Where do you get that Jin speaks English? I agree that he probably understands more than he lets on but I hardly think he fluent or that he can speak as much as he understands.

Get an Early Heroes Fix! (Article) - 4/9/2007 3:41:42 PM

SG-1 is definately worth your time. As mbeckham1 said, it is always fun. And it doesn't take itself so deadly seriously as some scifi shows do. Like most shows, it has some really great eps and some total clunkers but most of the eps are inbetween, on the high side of inbetween IMHO. As for Ben Browder, it's true that Mitchell isn't one of the greatest characters of all time, but that's not because of Browder's acting skills. Mitchell hasn't been written as a really compelling character. But then there is so much happening on the show that character stuff has fallen by the wayside in favor of advancing the plot and lots of cool fx. I feel that Atlantis, which started out slowly, is surpassing it's parent show. It's highly entertaining and I encourage you to check it out as well.

Kwik-E-Marts for Real? (Article) - 4/3/2007 7:35:58 AM

This show probably doesn't come inder the perview of this column, but Deadliest Catch has the season premier tonight on Discovery at 09:00 pm. It's a cool show. In anticipation of this event I went to Red Lobster on Sunday and ordered crab legs. Yum!

In Search of the Otakukin (Article) - 3/31/2007 10:47:35 AM

There are all kinds of people out there with all kinds of hobbies. There is a lunatic fringe in every community and as long as you don't shoot the president to impress an actress or something it's ok. But many people look down on OTHER people's hobbies as weird. My father was a hunter and gun enthusiast who loved to spend weekends at gun shows. I accompinied him sometimes. The people at the shows were not wild eyed terrorists, gang members or backwoods hicks as is portrayed in the media. They were mostly men of varying ages in neat, casual clothes. Not scary at all. As for these otakukin, there's always somebody who can't tell reality from fantasy. They do seem to gravitate towards fantasy/scifi things. But fantasy doesn't cause it.

"Lost: Exposé" (Article) - 3/31/2007 9:39:38 AM

Jose Chung is probably my favorite X-Files episode. I liked Expose. I thought the introduction of Nikki and Paulo, as some of the 40 extra castaways we never see, was a good attempt. I can see how the producers might believe that they need some new people to do flashbacks on. If you want to talk "filler" let me nominate the ep with Jack remembering how he got his tatoo, talk about pointless... But they never did enough with Nikki and Paulo to make us interested in the characters or care what happened to them. I saw them as an attempt at a new Rose and Bernard (and where did THEY go I'd like to know?), people on the beach who weren't part of the "in" clique. It was nice to see some old faces, Shannon, Boone, Artz and Ethan. And it was nice to see the plane crash again, that visual of the man being sucked into the jet engine gets me every time. Some of the action felt kind of forced with Nikki and Paulo finding the drug smugglers' plane and the pearl hatch before the other castaways. But overall I thought the episode was very entertaining. I liked it.


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