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Unspecified Title (Article) - 4/21/2008 4:29:01 AM

Well, if BET was going to do a superhero show it's obvious that they would pick a black one. It IS the African American Channel after all. Why would they be interested in doing a show about a caucasion hero? Which is not to say that a show about Black Panther or any other black hero wouldn't do well on another channel. And why can't we do paragraphs? The text is all smooshed together. Please fix that.

One Comicscape About Many Things (Article) - 4/17/2008 5:32:08 AM

Jack Nicholson WAS the Joker. It remains to be seen in Heath Ledger's take on the character can compare but he has a high standard to live up to. A giant purple Galactus might satisfy fans of the comic book but the general public just wouldn't get it. And rabid FF fans are a very small portion of the audience these movies are trying to please.

One More Hour on the Island (Article) - 4/17/2008 4:50:03 AM

Also not loving the site redesign. Can we go back to the old one? So, the season finale of New Amsterdam. I loved the show and the lead actor is HOT! I really hope it's coming back next season.

Futurama is Back (Article) - 3/25/2008 4:05:21 AM

Smash Lad, is he a member of The Legion Of Super Heros? Oh wait, you meant Smash LAB! Typo Alert!

SCI Channel Gets Upfront with New Shows! (Article) - 3/22/2008 5:25:28 AM

Starcross, isn't that the one being written by David Hewlett?

Unspecified Title (Article) - 2/19/2008 6:21:23 PM

As for the strike, if the writers felt they were getting a raw deal, they had the right to strike. It may have inconvienced us, but it never put us in any danger or annything. The media is moving in whole new directions. In the future, the major profitability of a project will come from sources that, as of now, writers aren't gettng paid for. If they don't stake their claim now, it will be more dfficult later. I wsh them luck and future profit.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 2/19/2008 5:49:56 PM

Bionic Woman bored me. I really WANTED to like it. But it didn't hold my interest. We had such a rich field of scif and fantasy this season that I didn't have time to waste on something boring. Sarah Connor Chronicles is what Bionic Woman wanted to be and failed. That's the tone and kind of action they were trying for. And SSC is GOOD! Watch that and don't mourn for Bionic Woman. BTW, Heros has it's faults, but it isn't boring.

RANT: Rivet Counting (Article) - 2/12/2008 7:07:23 AM

I once watched a movie called Young Sherlock Holmes. In it, Holmes and Watson attend boarding school together and meet Professor Moriarty who was a teacher at the school. Holmes gets his first pipe and takes up the study of the violin. It was a good enough film with what were, for the time, fantastic fx. I enjoyed it very much. However, according to the first Holmes story written by Conan Doyle, Holmes and Watson didn't meet until they were adults. Im sure there were Sherlock Holmes purists who boycotted the film but I didn't let it bother me. The film was written a century after Conan Doyle died by people who had no real stock in the Holmes continuity and never pretended to have. Had Conan Doyle been around and written the film script it would have driven me crazy. There is a difference between "reimagining" a property and doing a continuation. Reimaginings are supposed to be different. Otherwise, you would just go back and rewatch the original. A continuation is supposed to be the same as the original. With new adventures for the same characters or closely related characters. Maybe it's petty, but throwing away characters, plots and situations used in previous stories in order to facilitate the present story does bother me. Movies and TV shows are obviously fantasy. But I like to be able to pretend that they are real. If a character states that he's an only child and then a long lost brother turns up (Star Trek V) it takes me out of the story. I know "I" have one brother. Previously unmentioned siblings aren't going to show up in my life. As for BSG being the greatest thing since sliced bread, I like it but it's scifi made for mundanes. It was designed to appeal to non science fiction fans. It's an allegory of the Iraq war, not really an original story in it's own right. That's a time honored tradition for Scifi of course and there is no reason it can't be good on it's own terms. As for the reimagining of various characters, it did bother me that they made Starbuck a woman. It drastically changed what I had always percieved as the core of the show, the friendship between Apollo and Starbuck AND Boomer. The three were buddies who's loyalty to eachother was the most important emotional relationship in their lives. Now, Apollo and Starbuck have all kinds of issues with eachother, sexual attractions and complications, love and hate. And neither seems to be more than casually acquainted with Boomer. And none of them are fun to be around. I miss Boxey. He had a silly name and the child actor was horrible but the added pressures of parenthood made Apollo a more interesting person. The current Apollo is a narsacistic, self involved creep and I don't like him.

Sanctuary Finally Coming to TV (Article) - 2/7/2008 6:06:19 AM

I'd forgotten how much I love Lost. It's still mysterious and thought provoking and well acted. I can't wait to see what happens next! I can't get Sanctuary on my computer so I'll be happy to see it on TV. Flash Gordon did improve. I wouldn't call it my favorite show but now it at least holds my attention.

WB Grabs a BUCKET of Cash (Article) - 1/14/2008 1:30:25 PM

Could it possibly be that one person could like a certain movie and someone else could hate it and both people could be fine human beings with good, but differing, taste? Makes the mind boggle doesn't it? For the record, I loved the LOTR films. But if somebody didn't like them that's ok with me. If we were all alike then discussions about movies would be pretty dull...


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