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ENCHANTED Continues Victory Dance (Article) - 12/4/2007 7:20:35 AM

The thing about Stardust was that the advertising campagin was so poor. The commercials made it seem excessively generic. If I hadn't known anything about it beforehand the commercials would not have made me want to see the film. Since I did know something about it beforehand I went to see it and found it very entertaining. I hope people discover it on DVD and it gets the props it deserves. I'm planning to see The Golden Compass. The commercials for that film make it look exciting and the controversey being generated by the religious themes are sure to bring in the curious. I imagine it will do well at the box office. I might go see Sweeny Todd. None of those other films attract me.

Billie Piper Returns to DR. WHO (Article) - 12/1/2007 12:38:18 PM

someone wanted to know if Scifi is airing the Eccleston season again. 12/06/2007 08:00 AM DOCTOR WHO ALIENS OF LONDON - PT 1 12/06/2007 09:00 AM DOCTOR WHO WORLD WAR THREE - PT 2 12/06/2007 10:00 AM DOCTOR WHO DALEK 12/06/2007 11:00 AM DOCTOR WHO THE LONG GAME 12/06/2007 12:00 PM DOCTOR WHO THE EMPTY CHILD - PT 1 12/06/2007 01:00 PM DOCTOR WHO THE DOCTOR DANCES - PT 2 12/06/2007 02:00 PM DOCTOR WHO BAD WOLF - PT 1 12/06/2007 03:00 PM DOCTOR WHO THE PARTING OF THE WAYS - PT 2

Whedon gets the band back together! (Article) - 11/5/2007 9:09:34 PM

Morjana, Our Columnist doesn't like Stargate. He ignores it whenever possible. Which really annoys those of us that do like it. And speaking of Stargate, Megasnake stars Michael Shanks who did the best he could with truely lame dialogue and fx. It is also the movie which purportedly "starred" the winner of season 1 of Who Wants To Be A Superhero (who's name I can't seem to remember at the moment). Actually, the poor guy got maybe 2 minutes of screen time.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 11/3/2007 6:53:41 PM

Well, I kinda liked Spiderman 3. Having heard what a bad film it was I wasn't expecting to like it but I did. I liked that Mary Jane knew about him being Spiderman and they were working on it together. Watching the hero try to hide his secret identity from his loved ones all the time gets tiresome. I never had the courage to watch Constantine. I loved the comic so much I just couldn't watch Keneau Reeves "act" his way through it. And D*mn it, John Constantine is a blond Englishman, not a brunette American.

I See You, Space Cowboy... (Article) - 10/18/2007 9:37:52 AM

Well, that was definitive all right. BTW, seeing as this is a column about an anime series, why is it in the books section?

I See You, Space Cowboy... (Article) - 10/18/2007 9:13:17 AM

There are 5 crewmembers of the Beebop. You're forgetting Ein, the sentient dog. And is there anything Jewish about Spike other than his last name? But overall, you're right about the show. It's wonderful in all ways. The Beebop's crew has heart and while they usually get their man (or woman or sentient computer) they rarely get paid. Which is funny. And they all have rather sad back stories which get explored during the course of the series. I wish there were more, but given the ending of the series, it would be a little hard to do and doing a prequel would necessitate leaving out Fay and Ed and Ein which would be a lot less fun.

THE JUNGLE BOOK Platinum Edition (Article) - 10/9/2007 12:46:41 PM

Well, it has to have been 30 years since I saw SOTS so my memory may be faulty, but I seem to remember that part of the plot revolved around a little boy and his mother being relocated to their Grandmother's plantation deeper in the south because their own home was being menaced by Civil War battles. The animated parts of Brere Rabit outsmarting Brere Fox and Brere Bear might be shown again, but I doubt the live action parts ever will be. BTW, my mom tells me that SOTS stars a VERY young Dean Stockwell (like 6 years old) as the little boy. Yes, the same grey older man who now plays the Cylon Brother Cavil.

THE JUNGLE BOOK Platinum Edition (Article) - 10/9/2007 11:39:59 AM

Song Of The South was a movie about the pre civil war south made before the civil rights movement. It depicts African Americans as slaves who are happy with their lot in life and it will never officially see the light of day again. So don't hold your breath. As for The Jungle Book, that was the first movie my parents took me to see, when it was originally released, before I was 2 years old. I still remember this experience and how wonderful I thought it was. KaraS

JJ Abrams is at it again (Article) - 10/8/2007 9:54:34 AM

Yes, thank you for adding Stargate Atlantis to the list.

GAME PLAN Scores Winning Touchdown (Article) - 10/1/2007 11:55:47 AM

Speaking as a moviegoer and consumer, I hate the price of candy and drinks at movie theaters. I know that I don't buy food there. If the prices were more reasonable I might buy some candy at the concession stand. Wouldn't increased volume make up for lower profits per item? And you'd have happier consumers in your theater. I love watching movie previews but I don't like commercials. I can live with a slide show that advertises local businesses like Joe's Auto Parts and Tony's Pizziaria while waiting for the movie to start since the other choice would be a blank screen. I can also live with commercials for candy and drinks available for sale at the consesion stand (Coke, Kit Kats etc). Things like car or laundry detergent commercials get me mad. I'm paying money to go to the theater to see the same commercials I ignore on my TV at home? They could at least spring to make a new commercial seen only in theaters. Something new would, at least, be interesting. Otherwise, don't waste my time.


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