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Blu-ray Review: Sleepy Hollow Season One (Article) - 9/18/2014 6:01:44 PM

I gave it a pass.  I grew up near the actual Sleeph Hollow and didn't want to see them walking around a town with no resemblance to the acctual place.  But maybe I should checkk it out?

Doctor Who: Listen Review (Article) - 9/18/2014 5:56:50 PM

In the children's home when the Doctor, Clara and young Rupert were looking out the window the creature under the blanket came up behind them and the blanket dropped away.  You could very briefly see the creature's face.  Either it was an alien or a kid wearing a monster mask.  But my money's on it being an alien.

If these creatures have been following people around since the dawn of time and the worst they do is hide under your bed and scare you I don't know why the Doctor's so worried about them.

And other monsters the Doctor has faced have been awfully good at hiding.  The Vashta Nerada and the Silence spring to mind.  Why does he think the perfect hider neich has gone unfilled?

Star Trek 3 Begins Filming in... (Article) - 9/18/2014 5:49:28 PM

I agree with Miner49er.  There were many good things about the 1st 2 movies but the scripts were awful and thematically were pretty much the opposite of Roddenberry's vision.  They should take the 3rd movie in a totally different direction.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Review (Article) - 9/13/2014 9:58:51 PM

Believe it or not I still watch some things on VHS.  I have a few things on VHS that aren't available on region 1 DVD.  And I have a LOT of movies on VHS and I have no desire to shell out $1000 to replace them with another format.

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Article) - 9/9/2014 8:14:26 AM

When superhero films have new scripts people complain that it was bad and why can't they use the plot from thus and such a well known story from the comics.  When they use a well known story from the comics folks complain that they know that story and why can't they do something new?  How can anybody win at that game?

Think of it like adapting a novel.  You're taking a well known story and making a movie out of it.

Doctor Who: Robot Of Sherwood Review (Article) - 9/8/2014 4:16:15 AM

Your first Doctor is always your favorite.  No matter how good any other Doctor will ever be he won't quite measure up to Tom Baker for me.

Everybody has been going on and on about how great an actor Peter Capaldi is and how lucky we are to have him as the Doctor but I'd never heard of him before.  He seems to be doing a credible job and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his episodes.


Doctor Who: Robot Of Sherwood Review (Article) - 9/7/2014 5:28:50 PM

This episode really reminded me of classic Who.  It was less a deep character study and more focussed on plot. 

Neil Gaiman's Hansel and Gretel gets Film! (Article) - 9/7/2014 5:18:03 PM

Anything Neil Gaiman does is fine by me.  Bring on Hansel and Gretel.

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek Review (Article) - 9/1/2014 12:13:46 PM

The Dalek does see beauty through The Doctor's eyes.  But he also sees hatred and being a Dalek finds it easier to connect with.  The Dalek likes The Doctor and since he hates Daleks, Rusty the Dalek decides he'd better kill Daleks.

And The Doctor lets him go off on what is obviously a suicide mission.  How far does anybody think Rusty will get before the other Daleks destroy him?

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Teaser (Article) - 8/31/2014 2:05:49 PM

I believe that the Knave of Hearts alias Will Scarlett from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland is also supposed to join the cast.  This is good because he was by far the best thing about that show.  But with all these new characters are we ever going to see the original cast?


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