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Game of Thrones: The Children Review (Article) - 6/19/2014 2:03:57 PM

It's a little late for that Hanso, the season's over.

Game of Thrones: The Children Review (Article) - 6/18/2014 9:05:30 PM

Arya decided not to kill the Hound, not to be nice to him or to give him a chance to survive but so that he would die slowly of his wounds and suffer more pain.  She still blamed him for killing her friend back in season 1.

Game of Thrones: The Children Review (Article) - 6/17/2014 6:45:13 PM

One thing is for sure.  They sure are jumping around in the books.  Littlefinger & Sansa and Bran are where they were at the end of book 5.  Danny is somewhere in the middle of book 5.  John Snow and Tyrion are back at the end of book 4.  Brienne and Arya are back in book 3.  And Sam is still where he was at the end of book 2.

Cersi is in for some shocks.  You won't BELIEVE what happens to her!

Game of Thrones: The Children Review (Article) - 6/17/2014 6:39:49 PM

I'm not sure what your friends were talking about.  I didn't notice any drop in quality in books 4&5.  Maybe they just didn't like the characters Martin concentrated on in those books.

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: Winter%u2019s Tale (Article) - 6/17/2014 8:51:16 AM

There was no column last week but Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos came out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Game of Thrones: The Children Review (Article) - 6/16/2014 6:38:59 PM

I felt bad for Shae in the book and was hoping that her death would be one of the changes they made in the show.  No such luck.  Once Tywin cought her I doubt she had much choice about betraying Tyrion by testifying against him in court or in sleeping with Tywin.  Tywin would have killed her without a second thought if she didn't do exactly what he said.  And I'm pretty sure Tyrion was well aware of that.

DC Comics Movie Slate? (Article) - 6/13/2014 7:29:39 AM

Hmmm, which version of Sandman are they doing?  Are they going for the Neil Gaiman demigod or Wesley Dodds?

The Summer of '84: Ghostbusters (Article) - 6/9/2014 7:05:57 PM

You forgot to mention the comedic talents of Rick Moranis as Lewis Tully, the accountant.  He was damn funny too.

I see the film every once in a while (I own it on DVD).  It's still funny.  Though the sight of Bill Murray sexually harassing every woman he sees is now more uncomfortable than hilarious.  Blame our increasingly PC culture but there are several points in the film when I want to smack the smarmy smile off his face.  But the other characters have lost none of their charm over the decades.

GHOSTBUSTERS Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Release (Article) - 6/8/2014 8:58:35 PM

The first movie I saw in a theater was Disney's The Jungle Book.  I was 2.  I still remember it.

Stargate set to Return (Article) - 6/3/2014 12:29:29 PM

At first they didn't know what to do with the stones, using them to bring the characters trapped on the spaceship back to Earth for adventures focussing on their interpersonal relationships with friends and family left behind.  That didn't work out too well.  But when they used them to bring interesting guest stars to Destiny it worked better.

While all the characters started out as miserable selfish people they did develop and most became interesting characters.  I wish it hadn't been cancelled as it was really getting interesting.


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