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ajsan 6/26/2010 12:04:48 PM

Enjoying a wide range of different anime genres, "Karin" (Chibi Vampire - manga) is up there as one of my all-time favourite 'romantic comedies' -- with a big twist, considering she's a vampire bleeder rather than a vampire sucker, the exact opposite of the rest of her bloodlusting family (extremely funny, Adam's Family-esque type relations at that)... although I enjoy 'school time' and the antics at work, the darker humour is abound when Karin finds herself back within home grounds.  Since Japan is one of the only nations with no vampire folklore, this fresh spin on 'bloodletting' is quite entertaining, especially with Karin's every episodic blushing nosebleed -- whenever aroused. 

I found it interesting that the complete series release set being reviewed was the 05/2009 two thinpack jewel cases entombed... errr encased in thin cardboard.  Although, nothing of course compares to the heavy artboxes (albeit their girthy size) of days before, the newer 03/2010 release with it's single clear DVD jewel case that houses all six DVDs quite nicely is far more appealing.  One does miss out on all the great artwork, but the packaging for these new Geneon/Funimation re-visited releases is great. 

The thinpack jewel cases are too lightweight and weak for my taste and do not hold up to the test of time.  The 2009 release packaging (minus the back) is lighter in colour and has splashes of a LOT of pink for the jewel cases... whimsical, but like Lucky Star packaging... it questions one's manlihood, or rather, there lack of.  The new 2010 is engrossed with dark black colours and blood red, showing Karin on the front with a black cape, holding a flower that is pointy and sharp -- you still get the 'fun' 2009 cover Karin on the backside. 

Even though the six discs are exactly the same (no new disc images which I'd prefer for re-releases), I believe the 2010 release, with its sturdier packaging and over-all darker images, is much more appealing to a wider audience.  And as for Winner Sinclair... Karin's Father and Kenta are great male protagonists for the show, but one more was needed, to show the dynamics of good old-fashion jealousy, and to complete the story arc at the end -- that generations of vampire hunters fall for their vampire temptresses is a vicious cycle.  And the Japanese voice acting for Winner Sinclair is hilarious just in the delivery alone.  How can it be a 'romantic comedy' without the taste of a love triangle? -- and it's even funnier that Karin is uncomfortable around Winner. 

Thanks for reviewing this great anime rerelease -- later is better than never. 

ajsan 6/26/2010 12:10:53 PM

PS:  I'm not talking about the larger clam cases where the DVDs are stacked -- AWFUL.



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