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Katsucon 8 ADV News

    February 17, 2002

Chat regular "Bludstone: got back from Katsucon today and has filed an ADV Films report for us (I've edited out some of the previously known material, so check the conventions forum for a rougher draft):

Live action titles licensed:

  • Andromeda, Farscape, 2nd 2 Gamera movies, Yokai Master(?) series, Princess

Animation licensed:

  • Crying freeman, Megolopolis, Zone of the Enders, Rurouni Kenshin OVA
    Series 2, Sakura wars OAVS, Original Dirty Pair, The Samurai, Slayers next
    (movie/ovas presumably), Nadesico Movie, Your Under Arrest motion picture,
    You're Under Arrest Special OVA's, 5 min movie prequal, Yuki Torai Virtual
    Idol, LadyDeath, SiN 2, Medabots, Southern Cross, Mospeada, BT'X, Aura Battler
    Dunbine, Bura (?), Triangle Sessions, City Hunter movies, New Cutey Honey (3d
    cg, supposed to be gorgeous, Colorful, Dark Millennium, Edens Bowy, 
    Le(something) goewa???? (what? this was mumbled), Rui, Neo Ranga, Ninja
    Resurrection TV, Milk-chan, Wonderful


  • 3 CD's a month 14.95, double cd sets 24.95

  • April: Samurai X ova OST, Boogiepop Phantom

  • May: Nadesico, Lost Universe, Slayers Try VOX


  • 5 subtitle tracks on excel saga. new item with "jiggle counter technology"
    (dlw wants to trademark that). Piles upon piles of extras. Cross membership
    cards for characters and blanks to fill in. Propaganda. Posters. Board game.


  • Saw an EXAMPLE of the new Evangelion color metal box. absolutely gorgeous.
    bright, brilliant colors. the design isn't set. making the box will take TIME,
    be prepared to wait a long time if you want this uber awesome metal box..
    (having seen an example, its worth it) we didn't see the final design, they
    are still working on it. It's a Paul Champagne.

  • Princess 9 baseball cards w/ the characters

  • Excel Saga is looking to be dlw's 100th dvd. Congratulate him.

  • ADV has DVDs planned, 7 a month through 2006 (!!)

  • Building a 3rd dubbing studio.

  • DHY is a 2 DVD mini set (like Shrek) has both dub long version and sub
    short version. the Japanese version had some non-voiced (by the Japanese) but
    they dubbed the scenes in English. commentary. new 10th anniversary logo.

  • AnimeOnDVD.com plugged many, many, many times. (yay!)


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