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Katsucon 8 News

    February 17, 2002

The latest round of convention news coming from Katsucon 8 has come in this morning, again courtesy of AuldDragon:

  • AnimeTrax

    • CD releases: April - Slayers Try VOX, Nadesico OST, Lost Universe OST

  • Media Blasters

    • They've acquired eX-Driver

    • Kitty has acquired the Live Action Ogenki Clinic

    • SciFi Channel asked to air Berserk; Meredith said it was impossible to
      air on television since cutting out the violence wouldn't leave enough for a
      single episode.

    • Meredith wants to get the second season of Berserk, but they'll be
      waiting to see how it sells.

    • Berserk Vol.1 will have the box packaged with it; I'm not sure if this
      will be all copies, or like Love Hina.

    • The Music and Effects (M&E's) tracks for Ys and Ys II were lost, had to
      be redone for the dub (doesn't affect the Japanese language).

  • Right Stuf

    • Kare Kano will definitely be released with a box, and NOT a multipack.

  • NuTech Entertainment

    • They've acquired Immoral Sisters; Vicious (vol. 1-3); Yu-no; and Kukodoh

  • ADV Films

    • Planning at least three, and seven total they'd like to, theatrical
      releases this year; including one of the Gamera movies and Parasite Eve.

    • Farscape Season 2 will probably be release as multiple two-volume

    • ADV has Andromeda, but I got the impression that was old news

    • They have most of the old Streamline stuff.

    • They want to make more Golden Boy.


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