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Katsucon 8 TRSI News

    February 16, 2002

The first bits of news have come out of Katsucon, which is taking place down
in Baltimore, MD this weekend. With thanks to AuldDragon, here's what we learned
from the TRSI panel last night:

  • Boogiepop Phantom

    • Boogiepop is selling *really* well; they've already sold through a
      couple pressings of Vol.4.

    • An error was found in Boogiepop, but it was too late to change it
      (without spending $12,000); a character's computer login name is "biggins"
      in the show; should've been "higgins" as a reference to "My Fair Lady."

    • The OP/ED are not found on any of the CDs due to licensing issues and
      licensing costs.

  • Kare Kano

    • Release format: 5 discs; 6/5/5/5/5

    • The producer wanted Animated and fully removable subs; but couldn't do
      both, so he opted for fully removable subs.

    • The release has been delayed until May, partly due to an almost heinous
      translation error: a word was mis-romanized as "Meriland"; should have been
      "Maryland" as a reference to "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

    • Jeff wants to make a clear sleeve box with cherry blossoms on it, but he
      hasn't found any printers who do that.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Animetrax: Jeff believes there are over 100 CDs licensed, scheduled to
      be released over ten months. He couldn't announce any, however.

    • Dangaizer 3 and KO Beast Century is scheduled for release this summer.

    • Right Stuf has been using multipacks for releases since they are cheaper
      than printing up boxes.

    • Either one or two new shows have been licensed. I'm not sure if these
      are the same title or not, although I'm leaning towards not.

    • A title Jeff loves has been acquired. He is going to wait on announcing
      it, though. That is all he said.

    • At another point, Jeff said that someone showed him (he didn't know
      about it beforehand), which he then got TRSI to license. The hints he gave:
      He thinks it is popular and has been fansubbed; it is a TV series; and he
      wants to direct it. He said any more would make it too easy to guess the


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