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Katsucon 8 VIZ News

    February 17, 2002

Returning with another convention report, AuldDragon got this info from the VIZ panel this morning:

  • Manga acquirements: Gundam Origin (remake/redrawing of the original Gundam
    manga), and they got X back.

  • Vagabond Manga doing well.

  • Inu Yasha Vol.1 has a planned release of August (will be delayed if they
    get a TV deal); one disc a month, 3eps/disc for season 1 (9 discs/27
    episodes); $24.95, although they are considering $19.95. In addition,
    Marketing is pushing for 4eps/disc.

  • Viz has four titles to release this summer; Toshi couldn't announce them
    because he hadn't heard back about whether licensing was finished or not. He
    gave some hints, though: One is a title that another company wanted/was
    rumored to have (NOT Noir); two are Shogakukan (he mumbled, I'm assuming he
    meant Viz's parent company) related titles.

  • Ranma TV Box 2 due this April.

  • Viz is considering acquiring other Rumiko Takahashi titles, including
    Rumik World.

  • Viz is considering releasing their back catalog; they want to, but
    Marketing isn't sure they'll sell well.

  • Maison Ikkoku: Toshi wants to release a box set of all the episodes (1-36,
    I believe) that have been dubbed so far (hybrid, of course), and if they do
    well, they'll dub and release the rest.

  • Viz has licensed Hamutaro (a hamster show) from Shopro.

  • We all know who is releasing Zoids (Pioneer), but the big mystery was who
    licensed it. Well, it was Viz! ^_^


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