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Keitai Shoujo

Hiro Aida is a second-year high school student. Christmas is approaching, and he is uneasy since he cannot seem to get a girlfriend. Out of boredom, he visits a web site on his cell phone called "Gal☆Mode" and downloads a wallpaper for his phone.

The instant the download is finished, his phone emits a bright light, and transforms into a little girl the size of his palm.

"My name is Rin. What's yours?"

"The fact that you were able to download me must mean that you don't have a girlfriend... Am I right?"

"It'll be a bit of a problem for me if you don't become happy by Christmas. To put it simply..."

...If Hiro does not get a girlfriend by Christmas, Rin -- and Hiro's phone -- will vanish, and Rin will be unable to return to her world.

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