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lister 4/8/2007 10:50:58 AM
Merin, I say that a driver's license is OK for alcohol in that case because I don't want to affect the flow of commerce. It's important to me that people be able to barter their goods without major delays. But OK, if you wish to use the same standard, then we can have waiting periods for the purchase of alcohol. I can live with that if you have to have the exact same standard for everything. I mean, if it's that important to you! I think the chronic use of alcohol could be just as damaging to a 16-year old as their chronic participation in porn (but even that is debatable). BUT a singular pre-adult pornographic event is much, much more likely to have far longer and far deeper effects than a singular pre-adult use of alcohol. So I do see a need for different standards. I never said that nudity or sex is worse than potential vehicular homicide. But in the latter case, the breaking of the law is done by the minor, someone we can expect to make bad judgements. In the former case, the breaking of the law is by the adult, someone we expect to have learned how to make good decisions. So again, I see another major difference. If you agree that minors often make bad judgements, then I think you should agree that it is incumbent upon the adult to avoid using them in kiddie porn and not the other way around. Why is the man so hated? Who cares? I don't. Hated or not, he broke the law. That is my concern. Why do you think his persecution in the media abrogates his responsibilities or should ameleorate his punishment? Because it sounds like you do. Your example of intent and the wallet has no bearing on anything I have mentioned and addresses none of my points. It's a bad example. But OK, in one case we have someone operating a potential implement of death and destruction. In the other case, we have someone who's casually helping a fellow citizen. They have no responsibility to ensure that the property they hand back belongs to the other person. In fact, it could be the wallet of a consentual third party and might not even be stolen! We don't expect the person handing it back to verify who is the rightful owner and who has permission to carry it around. We DO expect the person operating the vehicle to do so safely so they don't kill or main our fellow citizens. Why would you even try to equate the two? I really don't care if birth certificates are easier to fake than driver's licenses. OK, so then I say make it so that Mr. Francis needs to get a driver's license, a birth certificate, a passport and three major credit cards before using someone in his porno films. Boo hoo. Whatever it takes to stop him from filming kiddie porn is OK by me because apparently he does not have the ability to stop himself from doing so! Again, *Girls* Gone Wild. His goal is to capture the youngest females that he legally can on film and sell it. *He* needs to be more careful. Not the children he used illegally for profit.
Merin 4/8/2007 1:00:02 PM
I'm going to stop arguing legality and conditions, and specifically stop defending this guy (cause it makes me feel slimy, too) I was just trying to make a point. In essence, I agree with you lister on the two big points. 1 - Those who knowingly, willfully break the law should accept the consequences (i.e. the punishments according to the law) 2 - Abusing women, especially under-age girls, is wrong. Let's leave it at that and let the conversation drop, shall we?
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