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keithdaniel 9/19/2009 2:59:40 PM

Despite this whole thing being in the universe of make believe,given what we know of these two titans there's no way in hell that a gamma-ray mutation but still mortal Hulk could even come close to taking a super advanced,near god-like,alien being like Superman. There is a limit to how angry someone gets...even the Hulk and even at his angriest he wouldn't be as strong as Superman. No one really knows how strong the man of steel is and perhaps neither does he! Many wrongly think that just because Hulk is bigger and looks stronger than it means he is stronger. Superman can move planets...need I say more! Others believe Hulk would win because they're likely Marvel fan boys. Superman has defeated powerful opponents like Darkseid,Mongrel,Parasite,Doomsday,and General Zod;several of whom could likely take Hulk! Superman has more varied powers and because he's smarter can be more resourceful in using them. Speaking of intelligence,how the hell can anyone think that Superman isn't smarter than a human,even one as brilliant as Dr.Bruce Banner. Superman/Kal-El is not only the son of Jor-El,Krypton's most brilliant scientist,but he's outsmarted Lex Luthor(one of the smartest people on earth)and Brainiac(the smartest artificial being ever created)so yes I think he's smarter than Banner. Even if Hulk retained Banner's great intellect,he would still lose because Superman is still way smarter and stronger. If the Abomination can knock out Hulk then Superman certainly could and in less time! Superman does have tremendous skill in combat and wouldn't have defeated extremely skilled opponents like Mongrel,Doomsday,and General Zod if he wasn't. He has the knowlege the Kryptonian people and that includes their advanced combat techniques. Superman is also way the hell faster and would be able to easily dodge the strikes of Hulk. I agree with goldeneyez and lancedenier among others,Superman would win and it wouldn't be nearly as close as many would think.  

almostunbiased 2/6/2010 11:53:13 AM

I'm going to take that one step farther Keith, though no one will even read this probably. But I agree with you in a sense. Sure WISE is completely correct that there are numerous types of media out there now compared to in the past, but that doesn't mean there wasn't more to do. There were just different things to do back then. Either way I suppose you can't compare, but to say there wasn't TV or DVD or video games and therefore less things to do isn't entirely acurate. Though obviously there is a loss of income for those who have decided that movie theaters have become more annoying than rewarding due to moronic individuals who only think of themselves and distract you from the movie experience and therefore they wait for the DVD. I suppose there were people back then that simply avoided the movie experience all together for that same reason and just never saw the movie. There would be no way to prove it, but it seems logical.

And Wise you know I think you are Wise so don't think I'm ripping on your opinion, if it is your opinion or if you took someone else's opinion and made it your own as Evilbeagle might have pointed out, but I'm more or less trying to play the devil here and say that I agree that money isn't a way to prove which movie is the most successful, but rather the number of people that saw it, and maybe more importantly the number of people who saw it and loved it. GWTW was voted Paople's choice awards greatest movie of all time, but that was in the eighties, the older it gets the less viewers will be around that have actually scene it, so I guess things change with time regardless.

Just a thought. I for one think GWTW is a better movie, but that doesn't mean I would chose to watch it over the other.

DarthoftheDead 7/16/2012 2:05:30 PM

Who wouldve thunk it, lol,.........I think your 100% right about Hulk vs Superman.......but you know Capt. America could kick Batmans ass, and I'm not saying this cause of recent events......took my dad YEARS to convince me that the Super Solider serum gives Capt. A an advantage over the B man......

MrEt 7/31/2012 6:34:24 AM

I'll give you Hulk vs Superman, more so because the intellegence factor and a zero G Hulk is not that scary, while the S can still fight in space.

For the Bat there is one simple rule, you can never beat him the same way twice, if Captain beat him the first time he better get a new bag for the rematch, Iron man is basicly like the Bat, he will just make a new suit as needed.

The character you are forgeting is the Punisher if you could convince him that batman, supperman or almost any character was evil he would kill them, be it a krytonite bullet, or whatever is required.  The Punisher knows he is mortal and he would not attack until he knows he will win. 

keithdaniel 12/21/2012 9:32:46 PM

I don't think Captain America would take Batman, not that that's totally out of the question mind you but I think Batman is just too intelligent, resourceful and has more to play with in terms of gadgets.  Just remember that Batman has taken enemies much stronger including those with superpowers like Croc, Clayface, and Bane.  And I would agree that even if CA did manage to take BM, he wouldn't be able to do so in the same way again.



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