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Kemper talks FARSCAPE guests

Show honored at 28th annual Saturn Awards

By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     June 11, 2002

Ben Browder leads the cast of FARSCAPE
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While speaking backstage at the CINESCAPE-sponsored 28th annual Saturn Awards, at which his show won best cable/syndicated show, FARSCAPE executive producer David Kemper chatted a bit about what fans can expect in the episodes to come on one of the SciFi Channel's biggest hits.

When asked if Stark will be back on this season of FARSCAPE, Kemper said, "Now I can't tell you that. But I'll just say that on FARSCAPE, unless someone is really, really dead, they could come back. And Stark isn't dead. He's just out there doing something different. Let's just say that I would suspect that we'll see him again."

He also teased fans a bit when asked if Kent McCord's character Jack Crichton will be back. "Well, I won't confirm anything, but Crichton's dad is an important part his life and mind and everything else. And besides, Kent hasn't missed a season yet."

For quotes, quotes and more quotes from the multitude of genre movers and shakers making news at the 28th annual Saturn Awards, check back at CINESCAPE all week for exclusives on all the shows and upcoming movies you're watching.

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