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X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Final Trailer (Article) - 4/15/2014 10:07:19 PM

OK, Xavier can walk.... Beast is not blue, or IS he...... the school, which wasn't even really started yet at the end of First Class is in ruins, or not... I'd say the past part takes place BEFORE First Class, except averyone knows each other, Wolverine is meeting everyone he didn't know in X Men before he ever met them apparently before the adamantium gets put in, which he's gonna have to somehow forget......

Other than Wolverine spending eons gathering people, we're gonna need some explaining as to why everything that ever happened in any X Man movie is now moot and revised.  I guess it can be alternate time lines or something but this is working out to have more holes than the Colson resurrection and is about as easy to follow as Game of Thrones.

I hope for the best; but when one considers this is in the hands of the Superman Returns architect........

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Opening Battle Clip (Article) - 4/14/2014 10:34:04 AM

Nice seeing Iceman icing up and riding the bridge; but outside of that, there's nada but the old Brian Singer "Superheroes standing and firing" shots again.  Fox has never equalled Sony or Marvel's ability to stage legit looking Superhero fights.  Keeping the fingers crossed.

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review (Article) - 4/14/2014 10:25:32 AM

Cheers to Jack Gleeson, for helping to create one of the most memorable hateful villians in quite some time!  I sincerely hope his threats to stop acting aren't real; charitable pursuits or not, the lad did a great job with the character.


My vote for the culprit?  Littlefinger.  He likes chaos.  He brokered the original deal with the Tyrells.  He has spies all over the place.  And most importantly, he's been trying to snatch Sansa away for eons.  Now by framing her husband, he can.

Tobey Kebbell for Doctor Doom in FF Movie (Article) - 4/2/2014 8:07:32 PM

When the best we can hope for is "allright" or "not bad,"  I know we are talking about Fox and Marvel.

I'm betting this one doesn't quite make either of those two benchmarks.

New Green Goblin Photo - Best Yet? (Article) - 3/26/2014 11:53:59 AM

Hope I am wrong, but this installment worries me more with every release of info.

Why is is super soldier serums screw up one's dental work?

Ivan Reitman Out of Ghostbusters III (Article) - 3/19/2014 3:06:18 PM

This franchise was done after one.  Put a fork in it and reboot the TV cartoon, that was better anyway

4 Minute Rhino Appearence? (Article) - 3/11/2014 10:17:35 AM

All the insider buzz on this reads, "train wreck."  Sony is banking on a big opening gate and then 60plus percent declines following. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - TV Spot 2 (Article) - 2/21/2014 3:26:21 PM

It's a trick.

The NEW Fantastic Four Cast! (Article) - 2/21/2014 11:00:32 AM

The only thing that ruins a comic movie more than disrespecting the source material is following the source material too closely; the first two FF movies were slavishly cast off of generally expected profiles and the results were boring.  This one is clearly an attempt to not make the same mistake twice, but at what cost?

Not an FF fam, so I won't judge.  But we all got excited about Chiklis and Evans et al, and you see how THAT turned out.  Maybe a left turn will make this a better experience.........

Paul Rudd for Ant-Man? (Article) - 12/19/2013 12:58:20 PM

I don't know about all y'all, but RDJ made perfect sense for me s Iron Man, and Rudd has the brainy glibness as well as the human fragility to pull off Dr. Pym.  A surprising choice, yes, but I'd vastly rather see Paul in this than Gordon-Leavitt.

That said....... Edward Norton (I know, I know...) has been reduced to doing tv commercials.  Maybe he's become easier to work with..............


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