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Kenzer & Company Crossover

Company announces first crossover comics.

By Rob Allstetter     September 26, 2001

Kenzer & Company -- publishers of the roleplaying games HACKMASTER and KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR, as well as a line of comics including KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS - have announced their first crossover.

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE ILLUSTRATED #11, THE TRAVELERS #14 and the "KODT ILLUSTRATED/TRAVELERS Crossover #1" will be in stores in February 2002 and each will have a cover price of $2.95. 

"This crossover will be historic," says The Travelers creator/writer, Tony DiGerolamo. "It will mark the first crossover for the TRAVELERS and the KODT ILLUSTRATED characters. Plus, there will be first appearances of new characters in the crossover. It's great to be working with a company that constantly puts out new stories and characters for their comic line."

"Each issue will hit the stands at the same time in February, so we're even doing the covers as a triptych - that means that when you put the three crossover issues side by side, they form one huge cover," says Kenzer comic book manager and KODT ILLUSTRATED writer Mark Plemmons.


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