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Kevin Smith wishes his 'Green Hornet' was as funny as Seth Rogen's

    December 14, 2007

Kevin Smith continues to avoid work, making the press rounds talking about other people's movies. This time he's commenting to MTV Movies Blog on 'Green Hornet', a film he was once attached to direct. That honor has now fallen to 'Knocked Up' and 'Superbad' funnyman Seth Rogen, who recently became attached to write, direct and star in the feature.

[Editor's Note: All snark aside, your editor has messed up this story royally by stating that Kevin Smith is avoiding work. He is, in fact, at work on 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' starring none other than Seth Rogen. See Mr. Smith's comments below]

Smith expresses some envy towards Rogen, indicating that when he was attached the studios wanted a studio was demanding a straight-ahead action movie.

“You can’t really compete with Spiderman [sic] and Batman and stuff like that with Green Hornet,” the director contended. “So it’s best to take a different approach to it all-together.”

Which, according to Smith, is what Rogen is finally getting a real chance to do.

“He’s Seth Rogan, the man of the moment. He can do anything he wants with that project,” Smith said. “It’s not a comedy what he’s doing, but he gets to do his with a better sense of humor than we would have been allowed to. He’s in a great free place to do something fresh with that material.”



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