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'Kick-Ass' gets its leading man

    August 22, 2008
Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

Mark Millar told Fourth Wall Podcast yesterday that the lead role of teen vigilante Dave Lizewski in 'Kick-Ass' had been cast. Today the Hollywood Reporter reveals who that lead is.

UK actor Aaron Johnson is set to take on the part of a New York City youth who asks the questions "why does everyone want to be Paris Hilton and nobody wants to be Spider-Man?"

Johnson is a relative unknown to American audiences but has numerous UK TV credits to his name. He may be best known to moviegoers here as playing the young Edward Norton character in 'The Illusionist'.

CAUTION: the rest of the article contains potential spoilers for those reading the comic as it sporadically limps into stores issue after issue:

Also joining the cast is Nicolas Cage, who plays a cop that has trained his young daughter to follow in Lizewski's footsteps in order to take down a drug lord.

Fonseca ('Desperate Housewives') plays the teen girl Lizweski is smitten with.


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