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KICK-ASS Red Band Trailer


By Rob M .Worley     December 22, 2009
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Comics2Film: Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl in KICK-ASS
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'Kick-Ass' Red Band Trailer! Plus: 'Solomon Kane' Red Band Footage! 'Marmaduke' Green Band Teaser! Stan Lee Excelsior Band Clips! More! Electronic weapons! Master of time and space! Guardian of the safety of the world, it's your Comics2Film 9.12.22!



BONE Movie Like SHREK meets LORD OF THE RINGS has an exclusive interview with producer Dan Lin who is developing, among a great many other things, a CGI animated version of Jeff Smith's ground-breaking comic series 'Bone'.

The script for the film is being illustrated by Australian TV Justin Monjo ('Rush', 'Farscape'). Animation is being developed by Animalogic  ('Happy Feet').

"It really looks like a mix of 'Shrek' as far as the three Bone characters and their comedy, their Looney Tunes or Marx Brothers comedy set in a 'Lord of the Rings' world," Lin told Collider. "We’ve met with several directors and we hope to come to a director decision by January and Jeff Smith has been very intricately involved in the development process with us."

Lin also says the story for the movie will be drawn directly from Smith's books.

"If anything, right now we’re discussing how many books should be in the first movie and if we do things right hopefully there’ll be multiple movies to tell," Lin said. "But right now there’s a discussion of do we use the first 3 books? Do we use the first 4 books of Bone? That’s the discussion but the source material is all from Jeff’s books."

The producer also says to expect to hear an announcement about a director early in 2010.



HAWKMAN and SUPERGIRL Movies on the Way?

There's a couple of new DC Comics movie rumors hitting the web this week from the fringes of the internet.

First up, the metasnarks at Pajiba have heard that there's a 'Hawkman' movie in the offing. The site's sources describe the movie as "part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code and part Ghost".

'Hawkman' has always been a C2F favorite but admittedly the character in comics has a confused backstory. Initially he was introduced in the golden age as an archeologist Carter Hall (hence the 'Indiana Jones' connection) whose powers were somewhat mystical, him being the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince. Later the character was recast with a science fiction bent. Now he was Katar Hol, part of the winged police force from the war-like planet of Tahnagar.

Most recently, Geoff Johns, James Robinson and David Goyer did a nice job of rebooting the character and unifying the different flavors of 'Hawkman', such that, yes he was Carter Hall, yes he was the reincarnation of Prince Kufu, yes he was also Katar Hol of Thanagar, yes he is also the reincarnation of Carter, Kufu and a long line of Hawkmen throughout the ages. Furthermore, his soul mate Hawkgirl was caught with him in the cycle of death and rebirth on two planets (hence the 'Ghost' angle), yet in her current incarnation she doesn't recall their history, nor has she accepted their bond.

In keeping with Pajiba's credo of being "bitchy" they've already declared the movie a failure even though they admit they know little of the character. It reminds us of all the mainstream reporting outlets who called C2F up a few years ago to ask if we thought Marvel was in trouble now that they were resorting to films about B-list characters like 'Iron Man'.  C2F told them it doesn't matter if Iron Man isn't as well-known as Spider-Man.There's a good movie to be made there and that's all Marvel has to accomplish.

We know how that worked out.

The other rumor, which has a kernel of plausibility beneath what appears to be some ridiculous rumor-mongering, is in regards to a 'Supergirl' movie.

Hollywood Scoop is reporting that music star Taylor Swift is under consideration for the lead role in something supposedly called 'Supergirl! The Love Story'.

While the Taylor Swift component and the alleged title may be sketchy, it's well-known that Warner Bros and DC have been developing a live-action Supergirl film. Most recent reports have Akiva Goldsman producing the girl of steel's big-screen return.

While a 'Hawkman' or 'Supergirl' project may not be ready to film in the next few years, you can bet the newly formed DC Entertainment is not taking any character off the table with regards for development as a feature film. Like Marvel, they have thousands of characters to draw from and are certainly developing many in addition to the ones we've been talking about here.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



PRIEST teaser poster

PRIEST Teaser Poster

Sony Screen Gems have released a teaser poster for the TOKYOPOP manhwa-to-film 'Priest'  starring Paul Bettany. It's not too exciting, as it just features the same image that was revealed months ago on the teaser site for the film. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Pam Grier Tweets SMALLVILLE

Actress Pam Grier wrapped her work on the 'Smallville' movie "Absolute Justice." In it she plays the sometimes villainous Amanda "The Wall" Waller. We know this because she's been tweeting about it.

At the top of the month she wrote: "Just finished shooting the first let's holler for Amanda Waller episode on Smallville!!! So hot and yet so cool is [today's] hint in story."

And then last week it was, "Hey, on Smallville, my character Amanda Waller, PHD., gets to interact with all of the Smallville superheroes. Whoo hoo! It's on!"

So, there you go 'Smallville' fans. "It" is officially deemed to be "on".

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Singer talks FIRST CLASS

THR's Heat Vision Blog is the latest to ring up director Bryan Singer over the hot news that he's returning to the Marvel mutant fold for 'X-Men: First Class'.

Singer dismissed the idea that things were contentious between him and Fox when he bailed on the franchise to try to revive the man of steel in 'Superman Returns.'

"A lot of that was comical and exaggerated. When you set up a rather lucrative franchise and produce one of the company's biggest television shows ('House'), I think there is a lot of good energy on a business level," Singer said. "But also, Tom Rothman and I have a very strong relationship from those early days of 'X-Men 1' when he ascended to the chairmanship and I was involved in this very important movie for the studio. We bonded then. So I think he was frustrated then, as was I, because I couldn’t do a third 'X-Men,' but that moment of frustration passed.

"We have always looked at different projects to do together, but the timing was never right to do something like this. But now, it's been about 10 years since the first X-Men,' and this is a nice opportunity to look back at the origins of that universe."

Fox has made no secret about their wishes to expand on the 'X-Men' line with 'Wolverine' now a free-standing franchise, as well as previously announced plans for 'Deadpool', 'Magneto', 'Storm' and anything else they can spin off. However, Singer says his plans for 'First Class' may curtail at least one of those.

"This story would probably utilize some of the Magneto story because it deals with a young Magneto, so it might supersede that because this would explore that relationship between a young energetic professor and a disenfranchised victim of the Holocaust," Singer said. "But no, I don’t see an exhaustion. The X-Men universe is boundless. These are great characters. And as young characters, they are quite different than the characters we have seen in the contemporary movies."

Click through for the complete interview with more about 'X-Men: First Class' as well as 'Jack the Giant Killer' and 'Battlestar Galactica'.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



MARMADUKE Teaser Trailer

Here it is! The trailer you've been waiting for C2F fans! Owen Wilson at his foul-mouthed, ultraviolent best as --

Hold on. We got a head of ourselves.

This one is the teaser for 'Marmaduke' featuring Owen Wilson at his laid-back-yet-put-upon best as the voice of of America's Greatest Dane.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Here it is! The trailer you've been waiting for C2F fans! Stan Lee at his trash-talking, gangster-popping best as --

Nope. Okay. Not yet.

But we do have Stan "The Man" Lee talking about his role as the Mayor of Super Hero City on Cartoon Network's toon 'The Super Hero Squad Show'.

This Saturday at 7:30 PM ET on Cartoon Network, the Mayor’s re-election bid goes awry when Egghead wins by a landslide (thanks to a little mass mind-control). But his reign at city hall makes life in Super Hero City a bureaucratic nightmare for heroes and villains alike. Wolverine and the Mayor are up against every hero and villain in a desperate attempt to free everyone from Egghead’s control and stop the villains’ planned invasion.

But why take our word for it? Here's Stan to give you the scoop:





Here it is! The trailer you've been waiting for C2F fans! James Purefoy at his gun-toting, demon-banishing best as --

Dang! Almost there.

But the truth is James Purefoy is pretty badass as Robert E. Howard's vengeful Puritan demon-slayer 'Solomon Kane'.  Check out the latest adults-only clip from IGN.

 Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



KICK-ASS Red Band Trailer

Here it is! The trailer you've been waiting for C2F fans! Chloe Moretz at her sewer-mouthed, splatterific best as the mega-violent, ganster-killing, obscenity-spewing pre-teen vigilante Hit Girl in Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's comic book 'Kick-Ass'.

This is the Red Band trailer complete with foul language and graphic violence, so don't watch if you're not old enough. OK?

We can finally say that they've put together a clip that captures the spirit of the movie (and comics). But we also wonder if Mark Millar could please stop saying this is story somehow "realistic" or set in the "real world"?


Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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SgtTechCom 12/22/2009 7:17:33 AM

HAHA KICK Azz!  " im f*cking with ya daddy" lol

If you don't think that looks like alot of fun then your absolutely a stuck up ass.

Cage rocks and so does the little girl kicking all the azz


Calibur454 12/22/2009 7:21:50 AM

I loved the bone comic book i have the single volume edition on my shelf at home. I hope they do this the right way. So far it looks like its going well

Hawkman and supergirl- Could really care less. The campy 80's supergirl was bad enough

rentals- priest and solomon kane- marmaduke looks like it will be a cute kids movvie but I'll rent it

Kick Ass red band trailer- I got a kick out of watching this. I'll definetly check this one out at the theater. i was surprised to see Nic Cage in the trailer but It is nice to see him in a minor role instead of playing a major charachter

Superhero Squad- Worst Idea Ever.

gauleyboy420 12/22/2009 7:23:48 AM


Love the comic, AND LOVE what I've seen from the clips and trailers so far.

gauleyboy420 12/22/2009 7:25:05 AM

OH YEAH, for all you nancy's out there who are gonna have a problem with Hit-Girls dropping the C-BOMB and other foul language... do me and yourself a favor... shut -up, and don't go see it

Wiseguy 12/22/2009 7:36:22 AM

I'm not really feeling a Supergirl movie. If they can't get Superman right then this has no hope.

Hawkman would be all kinds of kickasz. I'm quadruple down for that. I think all the buzz he's generated for Smallville may have something to do with this

And how effing sweet does Kick Ass look. I am wondering though if they're planning a title change



AntoBlueberry 12/22/2009 7:42:03 AM

I strongly doubt they will change Kick-Ass title. The marketing campaign is all based on the KickAss concept.

Cheesey1 12/22/2009 7:47:58 AM

SuperHeroSquad - nice, harmless, humourous program, which does a great job of including many of Marvel's characters.  I definitely enjoy it.

Bryzarro 12/22/2009 8:27:08 AM

Listen.....Children handling weapons in adult situations is absolutly rediculous.  And to see Nick Cage acting in a movie condoning this makes me so sick to my stomach.  I will absolutly boycott this movie and encourage others never to give in an give these sick creators money to endorse it either.

I KID....I KID!!!!!

This trailer looks awsome.  I waited a while before I picked up the comics and I am so hoping this movie does amazing.  Seeing Hit Girl come to life is amazing.  I cannot wait until next summer. 

jfdavis 12/22/2009 8:51:16 AM

I'm game for both a Hawkman and Supergirl movie but the latter makes me sad to think a Supergirl spin-off never happened...

ddiaz28 12/22/2009 8:53:33 AM

That Hit Girl trailer was wicked.  Kick Ass is going to be so much fun to watch.

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