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Kick-Ass,Dragon Race to Top

Too Close to Call for Kick-Ass debut.

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 18, 2010

Will Kick-Ass spawn another sequel?
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While no release eclipsed the $21+ million mark for this report, the top five all pulled in at least $15 million this weekend. And much like last weekend’s estimates, this box office finish is really too close to call. It’s coming down to the wire between DreamWorks’ animated 3D adventure How to Train Your Dragon and the Lionsgate-distributed comic adaptation of Kick-Ass, with a mere $250,000 separating the two releases.
It could be said that Kick-Ass doesn’t have higher 3D ticket pricing attached to it so it could be considered the true winner with its opening bow of $19.7 million on 3,065 theaters across the nation. It’s a decent debut for the Matthew Vaughn-directed film with a budget set at just $30 million.
Right ahead of it is DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon, which jumped up two slots from 3rd place (last weekend) back to 1st by taking in another $20.0 million on 3,825 theaters. The latest numbers has increased its overall domestic cume to $158.6 million, just shy of its budget ($165 m). And with the 3D adventure pulling in as much overseas it now has a worldwide gross of $320.5 million after 24 days of release.
20th Century Fox’s comedy Date Night finds itself in 3rd place by laughing up another $17.3 million in its second weekend of release. The film which almost won last weekend’s report (it would lose the spot when the actuals came in), averaged a respectable $5,118 per showing and increased its domestic gross to $49.2 million. The budget is set at $55 million.
Sony Screen Gems’ remake of the British comedy Death at a Funeral follows right behind by taking in $17.0 million for the 4th place spot. With the film showing on just 2,459 theaters, the opening bow of the comedy would end up with the highest average for this report at $6,913 per showing.
And the 5th place spot goes to Warner Bros. Pictures’ remake Clash of the Titans, which jumped ahead of its budget this weekend by taking in another $15.7 million in cash. The latest performance has its overall numbers sitting at $132.9 million in the U.S. With another $118.7 million in foreign sales the Sam Worthington-led adventure has a worldwide tally of $251.6 million. The budget is set at just $125 mil.
Check out the rest of this weekend’s top 10 down below.

How to Train Your Dragon
$20.0 mil
$158.6 mil
$19.7 mil
$19.7 mil
Date Night
$17.3 mil
$49.2 mil
Death at a Funeral
$17.0 mil
$17.0 mil
Clash of the Titans
$15.7 mil
$132.9 mil
The Last Song
$5.8 mil
$50.0 mil
Why Did I Get Married Too?
$4.1 mil
$54.8 mil
Hot Tub Time Machine
$3.5 mil
$42.5 mil
Alice in Wonderland
$3.5 mil
$324.0 mil
The Bounty Hunter
$3.2 mil
$60.3 mil

In a sign that the box office will soon be heating up with the summer fare, Hollywood is set to release yet another comic film just one week after this Kick-Ass weekend. Warner Bros. Pictures is launching their PG-13 rated adaptation of The Losers on around 3,000 theaters while CBS Films is hoping to catch some of the female (and couples) persuasion by revealing a new Jennifer Lopez-led romantic comedy called The Back-Up Plan on 3,350 theaters.
Whichever film takes down the victory next report won’t have long to savor the top spot since A Nightmare on Elm Street (April 30) and Iron Man 2 (May 7) are prepared to follow with box office wins of their own.
Friday, April 23, 2010 Releases
The Back-Up Plan (3,300)
The Losers (3,000+)
Oceans (1,200)
The Good, the Bad, the Weird
Boogie Woogie
Paper Man


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monkeyfoot 4/18/2010 11:55:09 AM

Saw Kick-Ass and loved it. I'd only read one issue of the comic (2nd I think) and loved the idea of it. While the movie has more humor than I expected from that one issue it totally fit the film. I agree with some reviews that the closest way to explain it is to say it's a cross between SuperBad and Kill Bill.

It doesn't take a pure realistic approach to someone being a a real life superhero but maintains its own reality level that you would expect from the two movie examples I mentioned. Only in its climax did it seem to jump alittle further over the top than the level it initially set. Still it was great, great fun! Be curious to see how well it does worldwide as well.

samson 4/18/2010 12:19:26 PM

Kick-Ass will be a hit. Albeit, a slow one. Word of mouth will propel this film. People are seeing this movie two and three times. Mark my words, this flick has legs. When it's all said and done, it will have done big enough numbers to warrent a sequel.


Calibur454 4/18/2010 12:44:59 PM

samson- rumours are spreading that it will be a trilogy and Millar himself is fueling that rumor- Saw Kick-Ass and loved it- Millar said that there was about 20 minutes cut from the film and if it did well in theaters he would do a director's cut for the dvd release- Looks like we will get it.- I loved this movie.

Iron man 2 just might topple dark knight opening weekend- Publicity for the film is in full swing- I have seen a handful of official IM2 shirts at Hot Topic and Walmart has also joined the fray now The shirts at walmart not only have Iron Man and War machine but they have shirts advertising the AC/DC soundtrack as well.  And at 10 a pop the price is  fair. They have everything from tote bags to boxers.(Sorry I know I'm sounding like an ad for Walmart but I'm just using them as an example)

Nightmare on elmstreet will do well but I doubt it will pull in  gigantic numbers or break any records

raa2001 4/18/2010 12:56:16 PM

yeah i agree kick-ass will be a slow hit and will gain momentum as word of mouth builds up.  It'll own on dvd sales also.

acidsquall73 4/18/2010 1:01:29 PM

Just got back from seeing Kick-Ass. Best movie of the year by far, so far for me. I thought it was going to be just a comedy, but damn was I pleasantly proven completely wrong. Samson, you're right, my buddy and I were saying that same thing on the way home. People that saw it are going to go into work this week or go to school and tell everyone how good this movie was and it will turn out to be a nice box office surprise when it's all said and done. Bring on the sequels, as long as Chloë Grace Moretz continues to play Hit-Girl. She frakkin' stole the movie.


Wiseguy 4/18/2010 1:05:37 PM

I thought Kick Ass was ok but nothing great. I mentioned how light the turn out was Thursday night despite the hype. I know I'm not paying to see it again and I disagree that people, well at least most people, will be seeing this 2 and 3 times. Maybe I'm not being impartial because of my dislike for Millar but I honestly didn't think the movie is worth multiple viewings. There just aren't enough scenes to wow you enough. Like most Tarantino movies it was a good bloody time but most didn't and don't pay to see his movies multiple times, once is enough til the dvd.

And of course the movie will make its money back which may be enough to greenlight a sequel but this won't be a huge money maker by any means. If it reaches 60mil domestically, which I douibt, I'll be super surprised. Lucky for everyone involved it was done on the cheap, which shows at the end

I guess Millar was indeed full of shit when he was boasting that it was tracking huge. And the studio was expecting high 20's or low 30's so regardless of what spin they put out it was a disappointing weekend for all. And it needs to make all the money it can quickly cause the big boys are on the way

hanso 4/18/2010 1:50:43 PM

I saw Kick-Ass, don't get what all the hype was about.  

lazerman 4/18/2010 1:56:35 PM

Everyone I sat with wants to see this again Wiseguy, you should start taking polls from people instead of assuming because YOU do not want to see it again, that means others won't as well.

It was not a full house, but it was a happy house, Cheering at the right moments, and we clapped when Hit Girl stated to the Camera "Shows over, M...... F.....s"


Loved it, glad it did ok, not great but ok, this is a PURE Niche film, and I do hope our word of mouth really helps it  :-) 

Wiseguy 4/18/2010 2:41:00 PM

lazerman, my girl, my cousin and his wife won't be seeing this again even though they enjoyed the movie.

So now why don't you start taking polls instead of assuming that because your group wants to see it again everyone else does. And like I said, most people won't be seeing this again, I typed it really slow this time just so you'd understand

TheMovieGuy28 4/18/2010 2:42:46 PM

Where is this movie going to get legs, exactly? Next weekend with the losers coming out, dragon being a hold over, and date night playing to couples crowd, I really don't see it gaining legs next weekend...

perhaps the weekend after, with Nightmare on Elm Street? Highly doubtful, everyone who's seen Kick-Ass will most likely being seeing Freddy...

....or perhaps it's going to gain legs when the little indie filme that could, Iron Man 2, comes into a few theaters in May.

Let's face it, I"m betting a lot of people expected this movie to pull in 30-40 million bucks, with all the hype IT had surrounding it. Not even breaking 20 on opening weekend in mid-april? This movie is going nowhere fast, I agree with Hanso and Wiseguy....


...on an unrelated note, anyone notice how cable channels are starting to play awesome shit on tv again? I caught the original Harry Potter from the 80's film "Troll", and yesterday I wacthed "TressPass" w/Ice Tea & cube, Bill Paxton and William "don't call me the Reaper" Sadler. TressPass owned



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