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KILL BILL gets chopped into two

Tarantino's new movie is now TWO new movies

By Patrick Sauriol     July 16, 2003
Source: Variety

It was first rumored to be happening last week in the pages of Entertainment Weekly and now Variety has confirmed it: Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL will be broken up into two separate movies. The first part of KILL BILL will open in theaters on October 10, with the second to come out at some unspecified date.

Now the big question that everyone will be wondering is: will audiences pay to see a two-part movie? And how long will Miramax, the studio releasing KILL BILL, wait until releasing the conclusion? Variety also raises another interesting conundrum: will the contracts for Uma Thurman and the other principal actors in the film now have to renegotiate their contracts to factor a two-film deal?

If the gamble works for Tarantino and Miramax they could effectively double their money. At least the fans will get a three-hour jolt of new Tarantino crime noir action instead of just one trimmed flick.

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