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xenomorph 11/29/2012 3:23:59 AM

You forgot about the axe murderer dressed up as santa from the segment "And all through the house" from the original Tales from the crypt movie.

CyanideRush 11/29/2012 5:04:58 AM

Sure, Xenomorph, but this isn't an exhustive list, just a list of my favorites. Otherwise I'd have included Peter Jackson as the stabby Santa from Hot Fuzz too.


RobertTrate 11/29/2012 7:29:32 AM

 These are movies... we're covering TV too... trust us

ElBaz13 11/29/2012 10:21:32 AM

Fun article.  Goldberg killing Fran Dreschner? Never heard of it but will have to seek it out.

The only thing I remember Silent Night, Deadly Night is the sequel and that infamous "garbage day" scene. Too funny.

Hey Rob, in a more light heared way, maybe you should do a Best Santas list. After seeing Rise of the Guardians over the week, you gotta love North with his Russian accent, toughness and heart of gold for young kids. Edmund Gwenn of Miracle on 34th Street has to be one of the better ones seen. What about Santa Claus in Narnia? Sure he only had 5 minutes of screen time but man did he give awesome gifts!

Another great top holiday list you can do is a conversation I seem to have with my friends every year. The best Christmas movies that are non-Christmas. ex: Die Hard, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon., Batman Returns and many more.


FerretJohn 11/29/2012 10:44:04 AM

Seems like variations of this article comes out every year, When Santa goes Evil, and every time I flash back to this old Spiderman comic I read once.  A two-bit thief in a Santa suit tries to rob the apartment building where Peter Parker happens to be living on Christmas Eve.  Naturally Spiderman comes in and gives chase, the thief manages to lose Spidey for a minute and escapes to the roof where he is suddenly stopped by someone just out of frame, all we see is a fur-lined red coat sleeve and white glove, who says "Last year it was movies about killer Santas, now this.  I am not amused.".  Spiderman gets to the roof a couple seconds later to find the thief completely vanished.  Next day he encounters the thief at a toy-drive handing out presents and happily telling Spiderman he'll turn himself in as soon as he's done.   I don't know why I keep flashing back to that one, I just do.

fenngibbon 11/30/2012 2:22:16 PM

 Santa's Slay is actually pretty funny, particularly the flashback showing him losing the bet that is done in Rankin-Bass-style stop motion animation.  

For another straight-out evil Santa film, I'd also recommend St. Nick, a Dutch horror film I saw on Christmas Day last year.



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