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Lost Recon Review (Article) - 3/18/2010 10:58:15 AM


Lost is rife with biblical reference which makes Joe's comments apropos. You made the following statement:

" a general rule, using profanity and sexualized body parts in reference to a Biblical story is not funny. This is largely because doing so shows either a lack of understanding or a disrespect for the source material. A person doesn't need to be a believer in order to understand that."


Not true, my friend. I have zero taboos and find the comments in question to be funny. The juxtaposition between the "righteousness" inherent in the bible and crude remarks about the bible make for comedy gold...You hit the nail on the head later in the post when you said, " just don't see how a person would find that funny." I dont think Napoleon Dynamite was funny, but some people sure as sh!t do...

Whats more is, this attitude that somehow your personal religious document is above being satirized makes it even funnier!




Lost Recon Review (Article) - 3/18/2010 9:54:28 AM

hrmmm, Joe...Truth Knife...interesting theory. Somehow I dont think thats the case, but it bears speculation.

Also, big props for calling the mirror stuff about a million seasons ago...well done.

Seriously, though...If you can work in MORE bible jokes I would be thrilled, and I think Gauley would too.

10 Actors who Stood Out Like Sore Thumbs in Period Films (Article) - 3/18/2010 7:18:01 AM

I would like to preemptively add Channing Tatum IF he gets the role of Cap'n America...

Lost Recon Review (Article) - 3/17/2010 9:39:31 AM

I dont think FLocke is compelled to tell the truth as he lied to Claire regarding the whereabouts of baby Aaron...

Lost: Sundown Review (Article) - 3/3/2010 12:51:55 PM

Yeah, Im still not totally sold on 1 being good and the other being evil. Seems to be more of a destiny vs free will thing. But like joe says, if FLocke turns out to be satan or voldemort or whatever then Im completely wrong.

Lost: Sundown Review (Article) - 3/3/2010 12:28:59 PM

the homepage is now diamonds

Lost: Sundown Review (Article) - 3/3/2010 12:15:59 PM

Thank you sir!

I dig what youre saying about so many crossovers in one episode, but I guess they have to wedge them in since theyre short on time.

SLU is NOT my favorite thing about this season thusly...However I do find the "what if " of it  to be pretty engaging.

The Lady Killerville thinks that SLU is the vehicle that FLocke is using to fulfill all these promises that he's making in the primary continuity. Like he promises Sayid that he'll get to see his lady again and he does in SLU...And he promises Claire that she will get Aaron back and so in SLU she has Aaron. Its another part of his end around loophole.

Lost: Sundown Review (Article) - 3/3/2010 11:52:17 AM

Look at hanso...

Now back at me...


No but seriously bro, you should care about SLU because theyve included it. Nothing is superfluous  on this show. Eventually these worlds will become relevant to each other. And the crossovers are nothing new...These characters were always tripping over one another in the flashback days a la Christian is Claire's dad and Anna Lucia is his body guard.

Plus we got to see Keamy die again and you can never see that slimey pr1ck get plugged enough times if you ask me.

Also, great use of music this week. Really added to the atmosphere.

Im on a horse.

WB Playing SPACE INVADERS (Article) - 3/3/2010 8:50:52 AM

Im with axia. Make it a satire and it has the potential to be funny.

12 Most Spectacular Villain Deaths (Article) - 3/3/2010 6:19:33 AM



The tickets are now diamonds.


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