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Hannibal: Yakimono Review (Article) - 4/15/2014 9:13:17 AM

 I was not sure how this show would do as a series. This might be my favorite show. It's hard to determine such a thing, but It is one of the few shows that I will watch live. 



Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 2 over Rio 2 (Article) - 4/15/2014 9:11:46 AM

 CA was great, great, great. I looked and found that the Draft Day budget was 25M. That's too bad it didn't do so well, I hope it has a good week #2. Was this a bad time? Why not open two weeks later when the actual draft is two weeks away? I didn't see it yet, but I am sure that I will enjoy it. KC fan, JG fan, and I enjoy football. Maybe picking Dalls, NY, NE, or Chicago would have helped. The Browns haven't been a playoff machine in decades. 

Jack Is Back - 24 Special: Segments 1 & 2 (Article) - 4/9/2014 11:13:54 AM

 JACK!!! Soooo happy to have him back. I hope he enjoys it enough and gets paid enough to do another.

Goonies Sequel Happening? (Article) - 4/6/2014 8:32:26 PM

 Ehhhhh.... I still can't believe there is a It's a wonderful life sequel with Zoo Zoo as the new angel. This makes me less upset. 

Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 4 the WIN (Article) - 4/6/2014 8:28:42 PM

 I am curious to see how it does overseas. I know the first one did not do well globally. But that was before the it hit DVD and before the Avengers came out. Also, it was smart to have Black Widow and Fury in the sequel. I think that should help the oversees numbers. 

Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 4 the WIN (Article) - 4/6/2014 8:26:45 PM

 I hope to sneak out during work Monday to see it. I saw Divergent last week. I knew nothing about it and I was pleasently surprised. Before it ended, I had hopes there would be a sequel. I was glad to hear that there are three books in the series. 



Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise Trailer (Article) - 4/6/2014 8:23:29 PM

 I hope this is better than the third Star Wars episode. I thought that was the worst of the 3. RC can be brilliant and can be pretty sucky. 



Riddler Cast for Gotham (Article) - 4/3/2014 8:04:57 AM

 I hope they cast Neil McDonough as King Tut.



Riddler Cast for Gotham (Article) - 4/2/2014 1:58:34 PM

 I think it is brilliant. He will grow up to be the answer. The villians might not be true villians in the early years. They might also be flanking everyone and may have an adult Batman they will be using and the kids are in the flashbacks. Its also early, many things could change. After one season Bruce could come back 4,5,6, or more years older. My excitement grows with each casting that I hear about.

First Look: Harley Quinn on Arrow (Article) - 4/1/2014 9:06:17 AM

 Monkeyfoot - I was excited that they used Tara Strong's voice for the scene in the cells. I am not sure why they would use another actess for the scene unless Tara was unable to make it to the set that day. I am curious to hear more. 


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