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LittleNell1824 3/4/2009 10:15:40 AM

Fun. I just read an article in the NYT about the Kindle that said it was basically cheating some people out of their royalties... Oh, I remember, it was the voice work people. You know, the ones who make their living reading books on tape. Some of them do an amazing job. I guess the Kindle 2 does a fairly good job of rendering text into voice. I can't imagine that it could take the place of a really talented reader who can do voices and accents to differentiate characters.

That said, I'm starting to be interested. The Kindle seems a lot easier to bring on an airplane, especially if you're not sure which book you're going to be in the mood for. If you have a few downloaded, then your good to go. I love some of my print books and wouldn't give them up, but for some of my paperback light reads, I don't really feel like it's necessary to own the print copy.

todd890 3/5/2009 8:26:40 AM

Kindle I find only accepts novels from the states of which isn't a good thing. As an e-book, one would think that canadian authors like my self would be accepted.

Amazon is a great place but they need to lift the bar a bit more. They need to accept other authors that are not on the states.

LittleNell1824 3/5/2009 9:20:38 AM

Seriously? That makes no sense at all. Maybe they haven't worked out the international royalties yet?



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