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monkeyfoot 1/15/2009 8:26:24 AM

Kirby is the king!!! My first comics were the Lee & Kirby Marvel books and their iconic work is all over the place in comics. Nowadays there is alot of other influences in comic stylings (and should be), but evertime you see a huge two page battle spread, or  characters in incredible costumes you owe it all to Kirby!!!. If you grew up past his era you may not "Get It" or understand the big "Whammy" he's had on comics--- but you should!!! (I'm imitating his style of writing there). Lee gave the stories the smaller human touch of feelings but Kirby gave them the magnificnet granduer that left you in awe.

I got to meet him once at a convention and had to thank him for making my childhood so magical. He told a story about he and his comics partner Joe Simon in WWII. They finagled an assignment to sketch buildings in a captured town. The creators of Superman were doing portraits of generals and they created Captain America, so they wanted a cushy job too.  While drawing in the ruins, they ran into a Nazi soldier taking a leak. None of them had any weapons, so they all just cautiously walked away from the scene.    

richmadcity 1/16/2009 6:41:25 AM

I just finished reading this book myself.  I agree wholeheartedly with the review.  The book is great and offers a lot of backstory to what Kirby was doing, and why he was doing it.  His work ethic, and dedication stand out in the book nearly as much as the art.  I really thought that the Street Code piece was just amazing, and was glad so much of it was reprinted here. I do think the book could have been longer and done a better job covering the Topps Comics and other later ventures, but overall, this is a beautiful, and informative look at the most influential person in superhero comics. I was not really a Kirby fan as a kid, I was more into the simple lines of John Romita Sr., but I look at it now and it just blows me away...  The art just leaps off the page and the design is just awe-inspiring.

lister 1/16/2009 11:46:48 AM

It's a big, bold biography of Kirby done by Mark Evanier. 'Nuff said! Buy now!

doggydaddy 3/14/2009 7:33:00 AM

Just finished re-reading my TPB of SUPREME when Alan Moore took it over for a while. Inside was a great story of Supreme ging to a mysterious valley filled with many, many different worlds within the valley, ruled by someone named 'The King'. Yeah, you can see where that story went and it was fun.

For me, I love to brag that I found and own one of his more obscure works for Disney!!! He did a weekly Sunday Treasury retelling of 'The Black Hole'. Found it in a art store in S.F., but the style was unmistakeable with forced perspective of the hands reaching forward, but the black hole was all done with....Kirby dots. Too cool.






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