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Kirbys Win Round Against Marvel


By Rob M. Worley     November 30, 2010
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Kirbys win a round in their legal battle against Marvel. Plus: New-Gen Universe gets a movie deal. Clockwork Girl begins animation. Quesada talks Hulk TV and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.11.30!




Quesada on Marvel TV

Comic Book Resources chatted up Marvel chief Joe Quesada about the goings-on with regards to the company's TV initiatives. Quesada was predictably tight-lipped about specific shows and refused to confirm even things that have been openly disclosed by other Marvel people. But he did speak in general terms about what he's been involved with.

"I’m out of my head with excitement at some of the things I’ve read and heard pitched for the small screen. When I think back to just where we were last year as a company and I look at us today, it’s pretty miraculous," Quesada said. "When people use to ask me years ago where I saw Marvel ten years in the future, I would always say, 'Complete worldwide domination!' Looks like we’re on our way!"

Quesada then refused to comment on talk of Hulk and Cloak and Dagger TV shows.

"While I’m not going to comment on rumors, what I can say is that when you look at Marvel and it’s characters we have a huge catalog with tons of characters and concepts that can adapt beautifully to TV," Quesada said. "The fun part for our ABC family and us is going through these characters and concepts while figuring out which would be the very best at this exact time."

"The one thing that’s critical is that whatever that first show turns out be, it has to hit the ground running and it has to kick major ass. We have to make a huge statement about what Marvel TV is and what the future is going to hold for us, so we’re taking great care with what we consider for development and how we develop it. This will also take into account the creative people that we choose to get involve with on each of our shows, and in the Merry Marvel tradition, we’ll only be working with the very best."



ALL-STAR SUPERMAN Details Announced

Warner Home Entertainment has announced details for the February release of All-Star Superman. Click through for the scoop.



Guggenheim Talks RESURRECTION Movie

Marc Guggenheim is one-third of the writing team tasked with bringing Green Lantern and The Flash to the big screen. He's also the creator of the comic Resurrection, which focuses on the world in the wake of a catastrophic attempt by aliens to invade earth.

Not surprisingly, Guggenheim told MTV Splash Page that he has plans to turn that into a movie.

"Actually, an A-list Hollywood director just expressed interest in it, which is really nice. I’ve been working with him and he's fantastic, he totally gets the project. That’s really exciting, because we’ve been in development for a number of years now," Guggenheim said. "We’ve dealt with a whole host of people and some people have really gotten it and other people have not gotten it at all. Some people have been like, 'Do the aliens have to leave the planet?' That’s like doing Batman but his parents don't die and he doesn’t dress up as a bat. Resurrection is continuing to be in progress, and again, it’s all about 'I just don’t want to make it, I want to make it right and I want to make it good.'"

However, Guggenheim admits that he hasn't written the screenplay yet and is a bit concerned about so many other alien invasion survivor concepts coming to the fore.

"Ever since Resurrection came out, there have been a number of projects in development that certainly bear similarities. From what I understand about Falling Skies, the aliens haven't left, so we’re not exactly infringing on each other’s territory," Guggenheim said. "But it definitely has those same similar elements. It’s funny, because Resurrection actually has similar elements to The Walking Dead, if anything."

Click through for Guggenheim's complete comments.




Ratings are up for The Walking Dead according to The Hollywood Reporter. The fifth episode of the six-episode season drew the largest audience yet. 5.5 million viewers tuned in, which was a bigger number than the series premiere. AMC has only one episode left to air, before they show takes a break until late 2011.



NEW-GEN Comic Headed For Film

Indie comic New-Gen Universe has secured a film deal that has Mark Hamill attached to star, according to Variety.

The comic focuses on twin brothers who discover their identity while fighting a futuristic war. It was originally published by A.P.N.G. Enterprises. The property is being developed as a live-action feature film, with prospects for a  3D motion comic as well.

The comics co-creator J.D. Matonti is attached to direct and serve as executive producer. Co-creators Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola are also producing.




From a press release...

Vancouver, British Columbia - Luximation Films Producers, Deboragh Gabler and Sean O'Reilly, are excited to announce their animation production of The Clockwork Girl is underway. It is the first of a string of animated films based on graphic novels published by Arcana Studios in 2007.

The Clockwork Girl is a coming of age story of Tesla, a robot girl, Huxley, a monster boy, who embark on a journey to save their world from destruction.

Under the creative eye of director Kevin Hanna, The Clockwork Girl comes alive with Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), as the voice of Tesla, Jesse McCartney (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Horton Hears a Who) as Huxley, Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix) as Admiral Wells, Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) as T-Bolt and Jeffrey Tambour (Arrested Development) as Wilhelm. Their adventure will surely give audiences a trip of a lifetime.

Luximation Films Inc. was created by uniting two different mediums - Sean O'Reilly's graphic novel and Deboragh Gabler's film production - into one creative vision. Together they are excited to embark on a unique journey with The Clockwork Girl.



Marvel Loses Round in Legal Battle with Kirby Estate

THR Esq reports that a New York federal Judge has issued a ruling in the ongoing battle between Marvel Entertainment and legendary comics creator Jack Kirby over the rights to various Marvel characters.

Fans will recall that the children of Jack Kirby, represented by attorney Marc Toberoff (famous for his case against Warner Bros over the rights to Superman) have commenced legal cations against Marvel to terminate the copyright grant to his work, which would include the creation of many flagship Marvel characters, including The Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and numerous others. The Kirbys have filed 45 such terminations in all.

As a reaction Marvel sued the estate asking the courts to declare that Kirby's work for Marvel constituted "works-made-for-hire" and were not eligible for termination. The estate countersued against that complaint.

So kast week, New York federal judge Colleen McMahon rejected Marvel's petition for declaration, which leaves the door open for the Kirbys to proceed with their case and possibly wrest control of key characters away from the multi-media giant.

However, the rejection of Marvel's petition does not necessarily mean that Marvel has lost the argument that Kirby's work was "work for hire". It just means the argument will have to play out in court. Marvel also succeeded in battling several of the claims made in the Kirby estate's countersuit. One such bid was to force Marvel to return Kirby's original artwork to the estate, which the judge ruled to be barred by the statute of limitations. Other claims rejected had to due with the lack of a credit to Kirby in films such as The Incredible Hulk and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

So the core remaining issue comes down to the nature of the work Kirby did for Marvel and whether his creations can be seen as an assignment of copyright rather than work for hire.

On final interesting wrinkle was Marvel's attempt to dismiss parent company Disney from the proceedings.  Judge McMahon says that Disney is exploiting the assets in question and they're in the mix, whether they like it or not.





Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Issues #1 and #2 are in stores now. Issue #1 is also available as a digital download via iVerse Media's iTunes app. Visit for news and info!


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Wiseguy 11/30/2010 8:27:09 AM

Marvel TV? The possibilities are endless as long as they don't limit themselves to family friendly fare only. I mean I would absolutely love to see a dark and gritty  Moon Knight series since I know they'll never give him the big screen treatment due to similarities to other caped crusaders. Maybe Disney can have a late night block ala adultswim. I suggest "Disney After Dark"

I hate all this litigation and suits and after suits but unfortunately that's what our country has been reduced to and  where the rest of the world is also heading. I hope Marvel wins, that's all I'll say

LocoLobo73 11/30/2010 8:47:42 AM

Marvel Tv : no new news

All Star Superman: cant wait

Resurrection: sounds cool

NEW GEN:  Mark Hamil, hellz yeah , lol

Clock work girl: yeah  who cares

KIRBY: jeez this crap never stops, the Kids just come off as leaches, their father didnt go crazy when he was alive about his work , so what the kids wanna make a fortune off his work now too. Stan Lee was in the same boat years ago

KillerTomato 11/30/2010 8:50:18 AM

The Kirby's are just a bunch of money grubbing worms...they didn't care until they realized the growing popularity of the characters and their films.  I hope Marvel/Disney drags them through the dirt and leaves them hanging.

sinister666 11/30/2010 10:18:07 AM

 Come on guys!  Suing people and taking them to court is the american way!  " I am Captain America and I approve this message."   ALL HAIL HANSO!!!...SON!!!


lusiphur 11/30/2010 10:32:19 AM

 Marvel TV:  Sure, not new news.  But it does show the high hopes Joe Quesada has for it.  For most of us, the more positive things we hear about a project, the better it will be received.  Unless it's Tron:  Legacy, which has been so over-saturated lately, I may not see it opening weekend.

So the Kirby heirs want to be paid for work their father (grandfather?)did.  I wonder what the chances are he wouldn't have left the money to them anyway?  The comics business of the 60s and 70s was different than today.  No one thought these characters would still be around and gaining popularity fifty years after they were created.  

lordheinrich 11/30/2010 6:24:17 PM

slime, snake, shark, sleazy, every terrible word ever used to describe lawyers in history defines this creep Toberoff

axia777 11/30/2010 7:51:09 PM

I hope their lawyer Marc Toberoff dies in a car crash as he is the epitome of "slime ball money grubbing lawyer trash".  Or maybe he will have a brain aneurysm, that would be WONDERFUL.....

Oh, and I dearly hope that Superman nor any Marvel property gets in the hands of anyone in any of these families.  They do not care about the comics.  They do not care about the stories.  They do not care about any of it AT ALL.  All they care about is the $$$$$$$$$$$$.  They are the equivalent of patent trolls.  I hope DC and Marvel sue them all into the Stone Age.


redvector 12/1/2010 6:13:39 AM

The Kirby's overreaching to claim that created the Hulk and Wolverine is stupid. I doubt that an outright termination of Marvel's copyright will happen. If they did what would the Kirby's do with them. These character's are so closely tied to Marvel/Disney now that nobody would touch them. Who would they sell them to? DC/Warner? These character's would be poison to them.

axia777 12/1/2010 7:38:20 AM

I wonder if the Kirby family asked Stan Lee what he thought of all of their claims.....  O.o

DeeJay4ADay 12/1/2010 10:50:51 AM

As far as Marvel TV goes, I also hope they consider bringing Marvel Age to the small screen. It could a 1/2 hour comic version of Entertainment Tonight, and could feature all of their emreging content while providing features on their in-house talent (further evolving Stan Lee's prior innovation of giving credit to the creative staff). Heck, they could even:

  1. Showcase popular online mash-ups (and similar amatuer projects featuring their characters).
  2. Involve some their retired creative staff who've often "fallen off of the map," so to speak.
  3. Highlight exhibitors (shop owners) they like.
  4. Have special segments making use of the Bullpen's stock footage.
  5. Be filmed for minimal cost at Disney's Orlando studio.
  6. Include targeted (and relevant) cameos from Pixar and Imagineering staff.
  7. Give Disney some quick and affordable new content that coul dbe moved to other media.

Considering the volume of print stories we see online, a 22-minute, once-a-week show could be pulled-off rather easily.

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