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RantMaster 12/4/2010 4:16:58 PM

 Its amazing that there is so much corporate love on this board. Unless you have been involved in the creative process you don't know anything about who contributes what.  Granted I'm a artist's guy but I have been through the process and know how sleezy and arrogant writers and editors can be.  The artist create the look and bring the story to life for the writer and essentially create the fantasy and they don't deserve equal credit as the writer.  I personally hope the Kirbys win and get a portion of control over these characters since Marvel has had control and proceeded to poorly licencse these properties until they have had to reboot.  I mean c'mon they have had over 30 years since the special effects of Star Wars and they have just started making decent movies.  It's not like they cared anymore for you fans out there calling these people money grubbers.  Also no one here knows Jack Kirbys thoughts on the subject or what he told his family during his life about what he thought he deserved.  Was anyone here there when Kirby was on this deathbed I think not.  So for people on this board to be rooting for Marvel who let such drek as Fantastic four, Hulk, the Xmen movies and Spiderman 3 be made then you are angry at the wrong people.  

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