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Kirk Duels Spock in STAR TREK

Kirk and Spock conflict in the new Star Trek.

By Jarrod Sarafin     January 13, 2009
Source: AP

Spock (Zachary Quinto) showing human emotion in J.J Abrams' STAR TREK(2009).
© Paramount Pictures

As seen in the trailer action it seems that James T. Kirk and Spock won't be the best of friends in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. While talking to the Associated Press, Chris Pine talks about what to expect with his character in regards to his relationship with Spock, who's being played by Zachary Quinto.

"For Kirk and Spock, it's charting their lives to a small extent from boyhood and their first encounter, which is a bit contentious, to kind of the beginning of the relationship we all know," Pine said. "They are at odds at first. The conflict of the relationship actually gives Zachary a couple moments where he's not as controlled and rational as Mr. Nimoy's character was. He has a couple of outbursts that aren't exactly the classic Spock."

You can check out the trailer here.

The look back into the origins of the Enterprise crew stars Chris Pine, John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin and Eric Bana. J.J. Abrams was behind the camera, based on a screenplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Production recently wrapped up while post-production hit full stride for the upcoming release.

Star Trek will hit IMAX and standard theaters May 8, 2009.


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Jeffaulburn 1/13/2009 8:24:12 AM

 Considering that it's been mentioned numerous times how difficult it has always been for Spock to control his human emotions I would think this is a great addition, especially considering how Spock was at odds with his family when he joined StarFleet as his father mentioned in one of the earlier movies. I am pretty pumped about this one, come on MAY 8th!

xenomorph 1/13/2009 8:31:37 AM

As every Star Trek fan knows, Kirk and Spock have come to blows many times. Best example, "Amok Time."

violator14 1/13/2009 10:00:37 AM

THIS is NOT news! must be a slow news day.

fft5305 1/13/2009 12:24:02 PM

Dalton? Long time no see.  I thought you'd be bigger...

br003 1/13/2009 12:28:54 PM

Yup.... gonna suck.

almostunbiased 1/13/2009 12:40:35 PM

Let em fight, he's half human after all.

Hobbs 1/13/2009 1:07:52 PM

I agree is this news? 

So is Dalton going to be our resident spam blogger?  I noticed he posted the same thing on another article.  and nope, not going to open up his link.  

jedi4sshield 1/13/2009 1:27:02 PM

It's just too funny! Kirk seems to have been in a fight earlier in the film and yet he decides to pick a fight with Spock in another one. I guess Kirk has some Fetish about getting beat up! lol.

darkheart00 1/13/2009 3:10:45 PM

 I have read about this fight scene elsewhere. Without giving anything away, it is critical to a plot point in the film and sounded good to me.......on paper anyways.

jamesdalton 1/13/2009 5:23:52 PM

// I thought you'd be bigger...

Bigger they are, the harder the fall.


I never fall!

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