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jayinvincible 2/10/2012 9:37:47 PM

No way does this show "pretty much" follow the comic. Are you serious? This is bizzaro Walking Dead at best.  

Anyway, I don't know what's really going on with this legal issue but to me it doesn't quite fit. Why would Tony Moore wait til now to file suit? Everyother artist that Kirkman has worked with on other projects will occassionally come back and work with him, everyone except Moore. And I'm pretty sure he gets almost no writing credits in the first story arc and absolutely none there after. Maybe, I'm wrong. Maybe he lift Kirkman with a 96 issue story arc that would last over 7 years? And who in their right mind signs over their rights to a story without proper compensation?


fatpantz 2/11/2012 1:36:50 AM

As a fan of the Moore/Kirkman combo since back in the Battle Pope days, i can say that I am sure Moore has more than a leg to stand on.  If you look back in many of the published columns, Kirkman personally wrote that without Moore, TWD would not exist.  That he was part of the creative force behind it, as well as the fact that it was his idea to keep it in black and white.

Regardless as to whether the series follows the source or not, Moore was one of the original creators of the comic and deserves a slice of the the same time, I am sure Adlard had input on the direction of the series as well and receives compensations of some sort.

It is sad to see such a friendship ended over money though as these two have been creating entertainment together since highschool....

scytheofluna 2/11/2012 6:09:27 AM

 The show is not following the comic.  None of the characters are being handled correctly, pivotal characters have been omitted all together while others who should not exist do.  Shane should be dead & Sophia should be alive.  The story has been butchered.  If you personally enjoy the show for the mess it is, then that's fine for you, but if you seriously think this is a faithful adaptation, you need to try reading the books again.   

InnerSanctum 2/11/2012 10:10:21 AM

 Actually, if you are being a purist about which characters die, etc. It is taking some liberties, but I've never seen a more acurate comic presented in film or on TV.  I think the characters are fine and being, pardon the pun, fleshed out.  They are evolving in their own right and not just limited to a two dimensional comic book.  I like the surprises and Shane is my favorite this season.  So go figure.  But, "yes", they are following the plot.  The time spent on Hershell's farm was a major part of the second act.  Why do you bother watching if you obviously loathe it so much?  I'm enjoying it.  Read the series and loving the show.  Give it some breathing room for crying out loud.  It doesn't have to be "faithful" to every single character and plot line in the book.  If I'm not mistaken, Kirkman has been very vocal about some of the changes himself.  I'm sure that will get "that's because he is getting paid."  No, the book wasn't perfect and I like the changes.  There is a lot of the comic that I hope they change.  So, we disagree.  I enjoy the show and it must be painful for the purist to watch.  

As far as who gets the money.  I really don't care and find it a bit of a nonstory.  It is the behind the scenes mess that comic geeks like to battle over for an eternity.  Much like the Lee and Kirby stories.  We have no idea what really went on behind the scenes and you are only speculating.  

millean 2/11/2012 12:48:34 PM

 Cases like these always makes me mad.  The most maddening thing is that I don't know (and will never know) who I should be mad at.


jedibanner 2/12/2012 7:10:41 AM

yeah mmm InnerSanctum, ''no'', they are not following the plot and have strayed a lot from the original comic and characters. Sure they are fleshed out because it's a TV show but at least, try to flesh them out to what the characters are in the comic. It's as if you made a Superman movie but he was all full of anxiety and that really fleshing out a character even though in the comic Supe is so not that at all?

We watch this show because we hope to see what we read to be somewhat accurate on the TV show but guess what, IT AIN'T!!! Is it fun? sure...could it be better? Hell yeah it could, if only they would've followed a little bit the comic.

Does it have to be failthfull? Of course it does, why shouldn't? It says the TV show is based, BASED on the comic...if you wan room to breath, say the TV show is ''inspired'' by the comic book, not based on.

And let's face it, Kirkman can't say sh#$t about the TV show because he's suppose support the whole thing if not he can get sued, end of story. Maybe in 4 or 6 years he may come back and say he doesn't agree with many things but for now, he can't say squat about the show that is negative.


InnerSanctum 2/12/2012 10:32:08 AM

 Jedi:  "Based" does mean "inspired".  All those movies that say "based on a true story" means the same as "inspired by true events".  

I think the show is a lot of fun, and if they followed the comics exactlly, that would really resitrict the creative team and the surprises I've come to enjoy from the show.  

But, yeah, I think it is pretty accurate.  If you want the show to last 7 seasons, get prepared for a lot of deviation.  Unless, you want a character pregnant for 6 seasons and the boy replaced every year.  

The show could be better, but the comic wasn't perfect.  I enjoy the show and I'm glad it doesn't bother me that characters like Shane are kept on board for more drama.  Plus, he is just plain fun.  And, Daryl, while not being in the comic is a fantastic addition to the cast.  I roll with it.  Just like I do with Marvel's movies.  But, I'm not one to be bothered by changes that I like.  


wish 2/12/2012 1:50:30 PM

InnerSanctum is right, or at least I agree that they are pretty much following the comics here.  Mostly the same characters, pretty much travels the terrain like the books and has zombies, so yeah maybe they changed a few character details and changed a few story arcs but even if it was only 51% the same as the books it would be considered mostly.....and it's more than 51% the same!!!

AlpineWoods 2/12/2012 2:23:28 PM

Would the man have sued if the show weren't a huge success? Probably not.

Wyldstaar 2/12/2012 2:38:43 PM

AlpineWoods- Studios get sued all the time, regardless of failure or success.  Michael Bay's The Island was a box office bomb, but that didn't stop the creators of Clonus: The Clonus Horror from suing for the blatant rip-off of their own terrible movie.  Clonus was so bad that it was featured on MST3K.  I can't imagine why Bay would think he could turn it into a summer blockbuster, but he tried it nonetheless, and without securing the rights to the story.  Anyway, even if the movie/tv show/whatever is a failure, the studio that produced it generally still has plenty of money in their coffers.  Even though The Island lost a ton of money, the folks who made The Clonus Horror got an out-of-court settlement.

This sort of thing goes on all the time.  There's always some idiot who thinks nobody will notice if he rips off somebodys book or an old movie, or that their contract should be re-negotiated after they realize they made a horrible mistake by signing it in the first place.

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