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scytheofluna 2/13/2012 12:23:35 PM

 Inner Sanctum, what is the point of even tying this to the comics at all? Aside from a few locations, a few loose ties to characters & vague similarities as far as the tone, they could've called Rick, Lori & Shane, oh, I dunno' Rich, Glory & Blaine, & nobody's enjoyment would've been diminished & people who haven't read the books wouldn't know the difference.  Hell, those of us who are fans of the comics, (not casual readers such as yourself) wanted to see the characters we love represented faithfully & giving the show a different name & setting might have given more of us a chance to enjoy it.  Shane is dead.  Carl put a bullet in him & Rick finished the job when he turned.  His existence on the show pulls me out of the experience. There's nothing wrong with an occasional detour, or EXPANDING a character's depth.  Altering it altogether is not the same thing as fleshing it out.  Killing characters who were supposed to live or keeping them alive when they're meant to die alters the entire story, like a tossed pebble ripples in a pond.  

Sure it would've been "interesting" or "surprising" if in Game of Thrones Ned Stark had slipped his bonds, killed Joffrey & claimed the Iron Throne for himself, but that isn't how that was supposed to go down.


If AMC wanted to do original stories, they shouldn't have marketed The Walking Dead as an adaptation. Otherwise fans of the books will get the idea that it's going to be like the comics.?'

DougRed4 2/14/2012 11:59:23 AM

InnerSanctum is spot-on, and I still don't get why the few of you get your nighty in a knot over a few, minor changes.  The tone and feel of the show is the same, many of the characters are just like their comic book counterparts, and overall it's something like 80% the same.  But what do you guys do?  Let's focus on (and whine about) the 20% that's different!  If you don't like the show - STOP WATCHING IT!!!  Sit in your room and re-read the comics.  The rest of us will continue to enjoy this awesome TV show, which is garnering record ratings because it's so outstanding.  

domino2008 2/25/2012 3:29:50 AM

This is an example of a greedy writer an more greedy lawyers . Most likely you had 2 Dudes , maybe friends pitching ideas back an forth , the more smarter of the two thinks ahead an screws the other guy in the long run , but this zombie thing been ripped off so many times ...........can I say .............28 days later ?

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