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Kirsten Dunst Talks SPIDER-MAN

Playing Mary Jane Watson was more physically challenging than one might suspect.

By Frank Kurtz     July 09, 2001
Source: New York Post

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Kirsten Dunst has been talking about acting in the SPIDER-MAN... and how physically involved that work was.

While talking to to promote CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL, Dunst explained, saying, "I was hanging from wires and being dropped and doing all that kind of stuff.

"The best was I had to sit in this chair facing up. The camera was above my head and wiggle my arms and hands and just scream at the camera. It's so ridiculous - you feel like such an idiot. Everybody's around you, like the crew with their doughnuts and their cokes or whatever. And everything's blue around you and here you are falling supposedly."

She adds, "Because there's just so much blue screen. I was screaming to myself. They put me through more torture than they put Tobey through. I mean, I was doing more stunts than he was. Because you see my face - you can't really hide me. You can hide behind the mask. But I was out in the open, I had to do everything."

Dunst is also quite aware of the attention the film is getting, a she says, "It's so funny, because I know I'm going to be talking about this movie when it comes out. I mean, we're not even done with it and now I'm talking about it - which kind of freaks me out."

Still, she's not worried on that point, saying, "I don't feel any pressure. I'm not Spider-Man."


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