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Can being an otaku lead to love? Multi-talented actor/writer/playwright/novelist Matsuo Suzuki makes his directorial debut with the quirky romantic comedy Koi no Mon (AKA Otakus in Love). Aoki Mon (Matsuda Ryuhei of Blue Spring and Gohatto) is a manga-obsessed geek who creates his own manga by arranging colored stones in wooden boxes. Love literally strikes him when he meets Akashi Koino (Sakai Wakana of Kisarazu Cat’s Eye and No Problem 2), an amateur manga artist and cosplay fanatic who decides that Mon is the perfect partner for her wacky fantasy cosplay games. But after being dressed up in the costume of her favorite video game character, Mon decides that Koino’s obsessed geek-girl tendencies are even too much for a self-acknowledged otaku like him. Still, that isn’t enough to deter Koino from chasing her chosen knight in shining armor!

Koi no Mon is based on a manga by Hanyunyuu Jun, and director Matsuo Suzuki brings a colorful, energetic, and utterly charming grace to this decidedly oddball romance. Featuring many in-jokes at Japan’s popular manga scene, including cameos from many manga and film professionals, like Anno Hideaki of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and internationally notorious filmmaker Miike Takashi, Koi no Mon is a different and entertainingly offbeat valentine for Japanese media enthusiasts – and everyone else too!

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