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Korean media said Jun Han will continue to maintain the highest level of alert posture

10/22/2012 8:12:13 PM permalink

 People's Daily, October 22, according to Yonhap news agency, South Korean military authorities sources said 22 subject today, 15:00 (GMT 14:00), the Korean army artillery units yet to disarm combatants standby, so Han Junwill continue to maintain the highest level of alert posture.

Reported that leaflets plan of an organization in Korea on the Korean divergence has been forced to cancel, but the DPRK army so far in the the western frontline forefront of artillery units deploy towed artillery and self-propelled artillery gun barrel is still in an open state, but also did not The withdrawal of troops.

North Korean army to deploy troops in the forefront of 130 mm, 150 mm self-propelled guns and 122 mm, 153 mm towed artillery. Jun Han in response to accidents, increase the in the Imjingak region under the jurisdiction of troops deployed K-9 self-propelled guns, 155 mm towed artillery weapons, as well as the F-15K, KF-16 Air Force patrol aircraft.

Reported that a Korean group had originally planned to North Korea on the morning of flying below the hanging dress 10 Flyer bag large balloon, a total of more than 20 million leaflets. In response, North Korea on the 19th through the Western Front Command of the People's Army, said will diverge leaflets at Imjingak region to combat.

South Korean police decided not to allow the divergence flyers activities toward groups, blocked the entrance enter the Imjingak the two on the morning of the 22nd, and in cooperation with the military, troops deployed in the relevant road, cut off the passage of the group members and reporters.

In this connection, the government said, there are a lot of negative opinion within the Government of the publicly announced divergence leaflets. Police also out of the same judgment, made ​​this decision.wodezkl$12345

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