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Kristen Stewart TWILIGHT's Bella Swan

Actress bites into starring role

By Leslie Morgan     November 21, 2008

TWILIGHT Kristen Stewart (slideshow)
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Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, Kristen Stewart sits down and folds her arms. At only eighteen, she has been acting for almost half her life with a slew of credits already under her young belt. Now she stars in one of the most highly anticipated films of the fall, 'Twilight' based on Stephanie Meyer’s best selling novel. Stewart plays Bella, a sixteen- year old girl who moves in with her father in WA where she meets a young man who alters the course of her life. We sat down with Stewart to talk to her about the film, the hype behind it and her fellow cast mates.

The 'Twilight' series of books has developed an enormous fan following. Steward talked about her encounters with fans, which she describes as, "entirely positive, but entirely overwhelming."

Kristen Stewartas Bella Swan in TWILIGHT

"I mean it’s like I only have to deal with the fans when I have to do events and I have to stand there and hope I can keep a smile on my face and hope that I don’t run off at the mouth and say something they are going to put me on the cross for," the actress said. "It’s good that they can be so passionate about something. I mean I care about the book just as much as they do.”

Did Stewart feel a responsibility to the book or the fans and did it affect her performance?

“I felt such responsibility to the story and character first. If you don’t get to play the part that really compels you then they die on the page and no one gets to experience them as you have. That was much stronger than my ideas about the fans because I didn’t really know about the fans when I was making the movie. I sort of had tunnel vision… I’m never going to satisfy everybody. It’s really a self-conscious role. It’s this girl caught up in an extravagant situation."

Being a franchise, did Stewart take that into consideration when choosing to take on the role? Would she be ready to do the second, third and fourth installments?

“I was ready to follow it for as long as it’s going to go. I would love to do the second, third and fourth. I can only do a movie if I am entirely compelled to do it or else in every frame I am going to look confused. This movie is either going to make it easier to do what I’ve been doing for almost ten years or it’s going to drop me right on my ass and I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, which are tiny little independent movies that nobody sees. I just came off a movie where I play a homeless kid, a really damaged little kid that is nothing like Bella. In fact she’s,” Stewart lowers a voice to an audible whisper, “a stripper.”

Kristen Stewartas Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in TWILIGHT

There has been a lot of publicity for the film and the ads and billboards have Stewart and Pattinson pretty much everywhere. The actress isn't showing any signs of exposure fatigue though.

"I’m so glad that I like this movie and that I am proud of this movie. I would have hidden under the table and this interview would have gone terribly. It isn’t why I started doing this," she said. "I don’t look at magazines or put too much stock in it. If the movie is good then great, but if it’s not then I feel bad for the person with their face blown up and fifty feet up. Some people would be ok with that as long as their face is out there. I’m not OK with that.”

Stewart credits director Catherine Hardwicke with guiding the cast through the exhausting process of making an event movie.

"She’s hard to sum up. She’s really eccentric. At first when you meet her you think, ‘wow she’s crazy.’ I love this woman. There’s something about her. She gets and has a fundamental understanding of emotion. She doesn’t overcomplicate things. She’s gone through it and gotten back to the basics. She works 24/7 and is right there with you all the time.”

Kristen Stewartas Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in TWILIGHT

Stewart worked extremely closely to her co-star Robert Pattinson who plays her love interest Edward Cullen in the film. There are stories circulating that Pattinson obsessed a bit too much over his role.

"Yeah," stewart said , confirming Pattinson's intensity, "which is perfect for the part. That’s why he had to be in it. We all had that in us, but wouldn’t be able to shoot a scene. There were times when I said, ‘You are really good’ and he said, ‘You think I need that.’ I was like, ‘No I really like what you are doing here.’ I think it had a lot to do with the part he was playing.

And what about the rumors that the actor proposed marriage to Stewart?

“Yeah I don’t know how serous it was, but it happened," she admits. "We spent a lot of time together. We were tired a lot of the time.”

Check out Stewart’s performance in 'Twilight' in theaters today!


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