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Krueger's Award-Winning Dragons (and More)

By Rob M. Worley     November 27, 2002

Comic creatorand filmmaker Jim Krueger told Comics2Film that his short movie TheyMight Be Dragons has been making the rounds and garnering some acclaim.

The seven minuteshort took the award in the "Best Short Film: Thriller" at lastSeptember's New York International Film& Video Festival.

Krueger alsoentered the movie in Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's ProjectGreenlight competition for directors. Dragons made the firstcut of finalists when the list of nearly 2000 entries was cut down to 250.However, the film did not advance to the next round, when the list was paredagain to a final 50.

Krueger tells usthat clips from the movie should be available online in January. At that timehe'll be unveiling a revamped version of his JimKrueger.comwebsite.

In DecemberKrueger says he'll start production on his second short Looking Out forNo. One. "The script is done and we're doing pre-production rightnow," Krueger told C2F. Plans are to shoot the movie some time inDecember. A cold weather location is needed for the film.

The comiccreator is also excited about his upcoming comic The Clock Maker,which is part of the Image shared-universe line that launches in January.Krueger said so far he's gotten a great reaction from the book, which he sees asbeing very adaptable for film.

"I've had anumber of people already look at it and say, 'This is a film.' I've written itthat way," Krueger said. "When it's all finished it'll be a 144 pagebook, so I tried to write it as if it were a screenplay. It's got a beginning,middle and end. It's this giant epic."

Fans interestedin a look at the comic can check out a five-page preview currently available at

Kruegercontinues to work to get his other creator owned works set up in Hollywood,including his much-adored future super-hero epic The Foot Soldiers.

Three volumes oftrade paperback collections of those comics have been published by AiT/PlanetLar. The first two volumes were reprints of runs of the Foot Soldierscomics.

However, thejust-published third volume contains new material with art by Steve Yeowell."It's the first completely new material done of the characters in the lasttwo years," Krueger said.

The FootSoldiers takes place in a dystopian future in which three youngadventurers take on the roles of super-heroes to battle faceless oppressors andbring hope to the downtrodden.


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