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Calibur454 8/14/2008 11:12:03 AM
Kujibiki has to be viewed for what it is. It's an anime that spoofs other anime with a harem like love story comedy added on the side. The golden easter eggs on these three dvds are of course the long awaited release of the Genshiken Ova series. I'm not saying that Kujibiki is bad. It does have its moments of laugh out loud slapstick and even has some fanservice. Overall I have to give Kujibiki a C. This series does give Genshiken fans a kick and yes all Genshiken fans I have talked to get the tounge in check joke about how the ova's were released but it has been quite awhile since the first season of Genshiken was released and most fans just want to see Season 2 of the show finally arrive on dvd shelves. Now that the final ova is coming out fans of Genshiken will get that wish. Media Blasters announced the second season of Genshiken in 2007 so I have a feeling we will finally see those long awaited dvds come out sometime within the next year. My gut feelings are telling me that a Genshiken dvd containing all 3 ovas may be relased first and then the second season will come out. However I won't hold my breath until a more official release date is announced for season 2


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