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Hectotane 4/1/2010 11:52:27 AM

Here's an April Fools joke for you:

I managed to watch about three episodes of Kurokami (after reading three of the manga volumes).  While I didn't like how Keita's anime version had been powered down from his manga version; he didn't necessarily SUCK as badly as the large number of (secondary) male leads in anime.

The anime BLOWING in sales and viewing in Japan might be for many reasons:  Keita didn't SUCK, Kuro didn't come off as some "invincible Mary-Sue Goddess," the Koreans are responsible for this, it's made for the Americans as well...

So far it's a pretty good story.  And I believe that Bancolding$, instead of moe-fying Gundam and pushing otaku crap like Code Geass and Mai-(Oto)hime, should invest more in making anime like this for the international audience.



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