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NickRedfern 3/10/2013 9:46:05 AM

Hey Shawn,

Yes, as you'lll note from the article, I was focusing specifically on the UK, which is a country that is very small, but with an abundance of Bigfoot reports, many in the immediate vicinity of ancient stone circles, sites of archaeological significance, etc. In other words, they are not as random as many might think. Plus, they are also seen in areas where there simply is not enough food. Also, the idea of a colony of Great Apes roaming the UK and never getting caught etc is absurd. But, here's the important thing: the witnesses and their reports in the UK aree highly credible. Which is what leads me to believe they are definitely encountering something. But that something - in my view - is not "just" an unknown ape. There are clear Fortean factors in many of the UK cases.

In the US, yes, I'm aware of the Pacific Northwest angle, but I live on the fringes of Dallas, Texas, and we even get reports from here (regular ones) barely an hour from Dallas. Many of those woods are not thick, filled with greenery etc. Rather, they are parched and rotted. But, we get - again - credible reports.


spiderhero 3/10/2013 12:39:55 PM

I would never suggest that every person making a claim to see something is a nutcase. I would, however, say that very often what we think we see is not what is actually there. Our brains process information. When looking at something we can't immediately make sense of, our brains will actively try to impose form on it. Seeing animals in clouds is a common example of how how minds can shape our perception of random information. An animal, seen at a distance, in foliage can appear to look like something drastically different. The idea of Bigfoot or Yeti is a common one among various cultures. Awareness of that 'shape' can easily influence perception.

I'm not saying I think every account can be explained this way, but certainly it deserves a legitimate place at the table of possible explanations.

ultrazilla2000 3/10/2013 3:51:49 PM

 ive heard people explain sasquatch as being paranormal, or spirit creatures before, but it just doesnt make sense.  why would something supernatural need a coat of fur?  fur is a very organic attribute needed for protection from the elements...

ShawnO 3/13/2013 11:20:25 AM

 The areas around Dallas, and North Central Texas in general,  despite their obvious appearance to you, are very nutrient rich as well, and as a result are home to the highest density of deer per square mile in the entire nation.  In fact, it is the only area in the country with enough wild deer where the desity can be expressed as deer per acre instead of acres per deer.  To humans, appearances can be very deceiving.  

sasdave 3/16/2013 2:24:12 PM

Hi Nick and the rest of you maniacs. I'd like to say this topic is quite simple. I guess if you have been a witness to this non science fiction topic. Food is scattered all over and they have no problem travelling about feeding on the waste of the human kind and the abundant roots, herbs, bugs etc. I am sure they aren't programed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My experiance of this grand creature for one opened my eyes to the how humans love to twist the truth and lamb baste those who have witnessed this unknown. Facts are in my  experiance is they are real. Being a so called robot for military or alien underground bases, there maybe some truth to that as hard as is it is to believe; to which, I don't fully agree. Dimentional doorway jumpers may not be far off either or they are able to meld with the trees. John Magor was on to that subject with a intresting photo taken in Duncan B.C. Canada, can't remember the book title of his it was in.  All I know is they are able to be seen if they want to show themselves. For those that don't believe in their existance why even worry where they get their food unless of course your garbage cans go missing. I have my own theories of where these non ape beings originated; but, thats for another time or space. All I know is after my experiance I have ran into too many sane decent folk that are scared of relating their experience and choose to be silent regarding this grand creature.

Anomalocaris 5/20/2013 7:11:10 PM

I'm also bothered by the leap from, "The environment wouldn't support them," to "Therefore they must be paranormal," which is an enormous leap that doesn't lend itself well to logic of any kind, and places the subject more in the realm of spiritual or religious beliefs than cryptozoology.

As far as the food issue, the reason bears can survive in the coniferous forests of the Pacific NW is in large part due to the fact that they hibernate during most of the winter months. If a large ape species exists in the area, they would either need to hibernate or migrate,  and the number of alleged sightings during the winter months doesn't suggest that either is the case.

How do I know what it takes to feed a large ape? I spent nearly 20 years serving up 3 meals a day  snacks for five of them.

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