Lair of the Beasts: Bigfoot: The UFO Controversy -

Lair of the Beasts: Bigfoot: The UFO Controversy

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Lair of the Beasts: Bigfoot: The UFO Controversy

Aliens and Monsters

By Nick Redfern     July 21, 2012

Right now, I am putting the final touches to a new book – to be titled Wildman! – that will be an in-depth and extensive study of a very strange and controversial subject: Bigfoot in Britain. Not a subject that you hear too much about, but one that very much exists. It is, however, the nature of that existence that is important.

Many researchers of the phenomenon are convinced that people do see such creatures in the UK, but that they are not the flesh and blood beasts they appear to be. One of the people I have interviewed extensively for Wildman is Ronan Coghlan, the author of a number of acclaimed books, including A Dictionary of Cryptozoology and – with Gary Cunningham – The Mystery Animals of Ireland.

Ronan says: “The idea that there is a viable, reproducing population of apes or humanoids in Britain is totally risible; it just couldn’t be. So, alternative explanations for their presence are to be sought. A lot of the British reports seem to be quite authentic. So, there probably are actual beasts or humanoids out there. And the question is: How did they arrive there in the first place?”

Ronan answers his question with the following words of reply: “It’s now becoming acceptable in physics to say there are alternative universes.”

He continues on this controversial but thought-provoking path: “The main pioneer of this is Professor Michio Kaku, of the City College of New York.  He has suggested that not only are there alternate universes, but when ours is about to go out in a couple of billion years, we might have the science to migrate to a more congenial one that isn’t going to go out. 

“I think he expects science to keep improving for countless millennia, which is very optimistic of him, but whatever one thinks about that, the idea of alternative universes is now gaining an acceptance among physicists, and he’s the name to cite in this area.”

The subject is far from one lacking in mysteries and questions, however, as Ronan acknowledges: “Now, how do you get into, or out of, alternative universes? Well, the answer is quite simple: You have heard of worm-holes, I’m sure? No-one has ever seen a worm-hole, I hasten to add. They are hypothetical, but mainstream physicists say they could be there, and there’s one particular type called the Lorentzian Traversable Wormhole. 

“Physicists admit there is a possibility that this exists, and it would be like a short-cut, from one universe to another. Thus, for example, it’s rather like a portal: Something from the other universe would come through it. Or, something from another planet could come through it.”

Turning his attentions towards the links between worm-holes and bizarre beasts, Ronan comments that: “If there are any of these worm-holes on Earth, it would be quite easy for anything to come through, and it’s quite possible any number of anomalous creatures could find their way through from time to time. That would tend to indicate there’s a worm-hole in the vicinity; such as Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the Mothman was seen.

“I have the distinct suspicion we are dealing with window-areas that either contact some other planet, or they contact another universe. My money is on the other universe, rather than the other planet, to be honest with you. Either a short-cut through time, or a short-cut through space, is recognized as possible these days. This is kind of cutting-edge physics, as it were.

“Now, the other one isn’t cutting-edge physics at all. It’s my own little theory. I think, looking at a great many legends, folk-tales, and things of that nature, it is possible to vibrate at different rates. And if you vibrate at a different rate, you are not seen. You are not tangible. And, then, when your vibration changes, you are seen, and you are tangible; maybe that this has something to do with Bigfoot appearing and disappearing in a strange fashion.

“And, finally, on the question of UFOs: Quite a large number of Bigfoot-type creatures have been seen in the vicinity of UFOs. I’m not saying there’s necessarily a connection between the two, but they do – quite often – turn up in the same areas. Now, if UFOs travel by worm-holes, and if Bigfoot does the same, that might allow for a connection between the two. They might not be mutually exclusive.”

Regardless of the extent to which certain aspects of the worm-hole theories may be wholly theoretical, possible, or literal reality, and whether or not there is some connection between UFOs and Bigfoot, Ronan is absolutely certain of one thing: “There’s no possibility of a British, native, great-ape.”

Nick Redfern’s Wildman! will be published later this year by CFZ Press. 


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Wyldstaar 7/21/2012 1:54:28 AM

It's been common knowledge that Bigfoot is really a robot being controled by aliens since 1976.  Best story from The Six Million Dollar Man ever.

karas1 7/23/2012 9:36:34 AM

If you could see into alternate dimensions somehow, maybe when vibrations match up, you could see lots of strange things, bigfoots (bigfeet?), loch ness monsters, UFOs, ghosts, chupacabras, mothmen, etc.  And maybe they see you back and think you are a scary monster.  LOL



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