Lair of the Beasts: Birds of the Ominous Kind -

Lair of the Beasts: Birds of the Ominous Kind

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Lair of the Beasts: Birds of the Ominous Kind

A Winged Warning?

By Nick Redfern     May 19, 2012

Much of early to mid 2010 was overshadowed by my mom’s increasingly poor and fragile health. She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while still in her late fifties, some fourteen years earlier. And taking into consideration the truly nightmarish situation that inevitably befalls the Alzheimer’s sufferer, her tragic, but not unexpected, passing in June 2010 was in some ways as much a blessing as it was a huge shock for me and – after fifty five years of happy, loving marriage - for my dad, Frank. 

But, we coped as best as anyone can ever hope to cope in such circumstances. We celebrated my mom’s life and memory, and ultimately moved on with our own lives, as each and every one of us has to do when such circumstances finally, and sadly inevitably, arrive. 

There was, however, one very odd thing that occurred at the time of my mom’s passing. Everybody, from time to time, stumbles upon the body of a dead bird. But, three times in just two weeks, and on opposite sides of the world, too? 

One particular morning, when I was at my dad’s helping to arrange my mom’s funeral, we were sat in the living room when we heard a large thump: a blackbird had slammed into a window of my dad's house and was killed outright, crashing to the ground outside the door to my dad’s conservatory. 

Then, the next day, when we went to my mom's nursing home to thank all of the staff for having looked after her so well when the Alzheimer's reached its very severest of stages, there was a brightly feathered little bird dead right outside the front door to the building. 

And, the day after I returned to the States, I found yet another dead bird, this time on the drive, right by the front door of my very own house. Maybe this whole “dead birds by the doors” saga was just the result of a series of odd coincidences and nothing else. Not everyone was quite so sure that was all there was to it, however.

A good friend of mine, and a fellow Fortean writer and researcher, Raven Meindel, commented to me as follows on the trio of bird deaths: “Omens surrounding dead birds often vary according to what you find dead. A dead dove, for instance, can mean marital strife and a need for change in the marriage. A dead songbird or other little birds of that type can mean a big change following sorrow or stress.”

Raven continued and concluded: “The finds, if they are in fact signs rather than coincidence, could simply mean to take notice of the changes in life and that you may have to redirect or adjust things for a while or even permanently. The blackbird slamming into the window seems to definitely have been a messenger, as they often are the messengers of souls crossing over, so that particular one seems to have the most significance of all of them, since it was at the time of (or shortly after) your mom's passing.”

Whether this really was all a mere coincidence – but an admittedly curious coincidence - or something far more profound, I do not know. But, in the two years that have now passed since my mom’s death I have not found, or stumbled upon, another dead bird. 

Nick Redfern is the author of many books on paranormal topics, including The Pyramids and the Pentagon, which will be published by New Page Books in June.


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karas1 5/19/2012 7:04:52 AM

Being used as a messenger of fate by slamming into a window and breaking it's neck seems kind of hard on the poor birds.

Let me offer my condolances on the passing of your mother.  My Grandmother died after a long illness.  After suffering Altzheimers she had a stroke and was comatose in a bed for several months before she died.  No matter how badly your loved one suffered or how much a relief it is to end the pain it's still a shock and a sadness to lose somebody you loved so much.



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