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Lair of the Beasts: A Creature of Controversy

A Bigfoot Q&A

By Nick Redfern     January 07, 2012


Lisa A. Shiel is the author of a number of thought provoking books on the controversy surrounding Bigfoot, including Backyard Bigfoot, The Hunt for Bigfoot, and Bigfoot Beginnings. And, right now, she has a new book out, the Sasquatch-themed title, Creature of Controversy: Forbidden Bigfoot, Part One.
Creature of Controversy contains extensive question & answer sections with me, and many other Bigfoot researchers and writers, and details our collective thoughts on what Bigfoot is (and isn't!), the paranormal aspects of certain Bigfoot encounters, and much more of a monstrously weird nature.
As an example of the interview with me that appears in the pages of Creature of Controversy, here's a taster from it:
Lisa A. Shiel: "What is the biggest controversy in Bigfoot research?"
Nick Redfern: "In my personal opinion, without any doubt, it's why we haven't been able to catch Bigfoot or find a body or any hard evidence—which flies in the face, in my view, of any other animal that doesn't fall in the realm of cryptozoology.”
On this particularly problematic matter of why Bigfoot is so elusive, I elaborate further to Lisa as follows:
“When it comes to bears, lions, and tigers, we may find them dead occasionally in the wild or we might find a bear occasionally hit by a truck, but the important thing is that even though it's just occasionally, it does happen. I think this is the biggest controversy with Bigfoot research. Bigfoot, even when it reportedly gets shot, never crumples to the ground and dies.”
Moreover, as I note further in Creature of Controversy with respect to Bigfoot: “If it unfortunately gets hit by a car, it always manages to escape. Photographic evidence is interesting but never conclusive. Hair samples are interesting but never conclusive.”
And, finally, on this particular matter, I say: “It's this overwhelming, almost eerie elusiveness with Bigfoot that to me is the most controversial aspect. The reason it's the most controversial aspect is because, by default, being so elusive to me implies there's something more—or paradoxically less—to Bigfoot than just being an unclassified animal that science hasn't found or doesn't recognize."
And if that has caught your attention, here's the publisher's blurb on the book:
“Is Bigfoot real or a hoax?
“For most people, this is the most controversial question surrounding Bigfoot. But to the folks who study Bigfoot—interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and analyzing the data—there's no question about Bigfoot's reality. Yet behind the closed doors of Bigfoot research, arguments boil over into feuds worthy of the Wild West.
“Now, Lisa A. Shiel invites you to step through the door and learn about the controversies that both enliven and hinder the quest for this mysterious creature:
“What should we call Bigfoot? Is Bigfoot paranormal, flesh and blood, or both? What on earth is Bigfoot? Should we shoot a Bigfoot in order to prove they exist? How much do we really know about Bigfoot?
Creature of Controversy exposes the feuds in a no-holds-barred look at the secret world of Bigfoot research, enhanced by interviews with other well-known Bigfoot researchers: Eric Altman, Melissa Hovey, Regan Lee, Thom Powell, Nick Redfern, and Kathy Strain.”
Depending on how you view Bigfoot (as a flesh and blood beast, a paranormal entity, a case of mistaken identity, a modern day myth, a gigantic hoax, or something else) it’s likely you will find yourself either firmly agreeing with many of the opinions of me and the other interviewees, or wildly shaking your head in major disagreement!
But, there’s nothing at all wrong with a high degree of debate, and a good old no holds barred argument! Bigfoot is controversial – period! And so is Lisa A. Shiel’s Creature of Controversy, which, to its credit, asks a lot of probing and intriguing questions that so many researchers of the Sasquatch puzzle are content to shy away from.
Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including the newly published Keep Out!


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