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Doc1701 5/3/2011 5:57:06 AM

Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that you are a farmer who grows wheat out on the extremely fertile lands of Wiltshire. Over the past few years you've been plagued by morons trampling down your crops to create crop circles, and you're well sick of it as laid crops don't pick up as well at harvest, and are damp forcing you to spend money on diesel to dry the grain. Your neighbouring farmers don't seem to get bothered nearly so much, but then they're not in walking distance of the local village (crop circle makers never park next to the field of operations; too much chance of the police becoming interested in their car; they park in a village nearby and walk to the field).

So, when you see some more of these vandals in your field, you and your kids decide to go shift them off. Problem is, you're in your sixties, and the two with you are quite young, none of you are really up for handing out the good beating these jerks really deserve. So, you're going to have to use cunning instead. What you do is walk up to the field wearing head-torches, which at night look truly weird as they seem to glide forwards about five feet off the ground. You get to the field, and split up, going to the three corners farthest from the road (i.e. giving the idiots in the crop a way out), then climb the fence and walk slowly in towards them looking as threatening as possible.

The idiots in the crop respond as you'd hoped; they leg it quick. As soon as they're gone, you get one of your number to make with the banshee impersonation to ramp up the tension a bit more; the one thing you don't do is go looking to see who it is out there.

The farmer probably detected the circle-makers using Gen-1 night vision, or at the outside Gen-2 NV. Night vision of better sorts is prohibitively expensive in the UK (deliberately so, to prevent it being traded overseas to some dry sandy places) and only NV that needs infrared lights is widely used. NV of this sort only shows that someone's about, not who they are or how many, hence the scare tactics of the farmers.

xenophon 5/3/2011 5:52:09 PM

well this a interesting take on crop circle story now we have strange lights ,large cats and mysterous beings to contend with the phenomena that has no end in sight looking forward to the ongoing investigation for more news of this mystery.



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