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nigelwright123 1/17/2011 2:03:26 AM

just wanted to say...well done Mrk and Nick!..great book!..however, I might just disagree with you on the origins of the ledgends of the black dog. I think that this might not come as any great suprise to ethier mark or Nick, since it has been my pleasure to have known them both for many years!.

It is my contension that this ledgend has its roots it a simple case of mis-identification by medievial people, who, having seen a large, native black cat, would have used thier only know term of reference, i.e. any large black dogs they might have seen in thier villages etc. Remember, that zoos or any collections of large cats were very resrited in those days.

There you go Nick!..something else for us to debate LOL!..




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