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Lair of the Beasts: Lizard-Men Legends

Fact or Fiction?

By Nick Redfern     December 18, 2010

Lizard-Men on the Loose..
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What would you say if someone approached you and said they had seen a bizarre beast that looked like it had stepped right off the set of the classic 1950s movie, The Creature from the Black Lagoon? Sounds crazy? Maybe; maybe not…
Ken Gerhard - my co-author on our book, Monsters of Texas - has investigated a number of cases where people have claimed to have seen what sound suspiciously like two-legged Lizard-Men roaming around the United States – and I kid you not!
As Ken – a resident of the city of San Antonio - has noted, the good folk of south Texas have, for decades, been describing winged monsters that look like the prehistoric reptiles known as pterosaurs. In a similar vein, the legendary Mountain Boomers of west Texas’ Big Bend National Park are purported to be gigantic, bipedal lizards that greatly resemble certain types of ancient dinosaurs.
Their name is, apparently, a reference to the thunderous sounds these monstrous reptiles make when they bellow out from the distant canyons. Many old-timers from the foothills claim to know someone who has stumbled upon these menacing creatures feasting on road kill; although the original source of these stories is, admittedly, often difficult to pinpoint.
The general description includes a height of about five or six feet, a greenish-brown or dusty color; and most importantly, small forelimbs that resemble arms, hence the Boomer’s upright posture. This profile definitely matches that of several species of dinosaur, and the region has indeed proven to be fossil-rich, with many notable discoveries being excavated throughout the state.
The well-preserved Paluxy dinosaur tracks, located near Glen Rose, stand as curious and definitive reminders that the Lone Star state was once inhabited by a myriad of gigantic reptiles, way back in the distant past. But, sixty-four-million years is a very long time for something large and carnivorous to remain undetected, even in the barren confines of Texas’s western deserts. Maybe it’s a scenario that’s not entirely out of the question, however.
While investigating these elusive beasts in 1993, says Ken, researcher Jimmy Ward wrote about running into a family from Connecticut, who claimed to have sighted a Mountain Boomer as they were driving through Texas on their way to California. The family told Ward that the creature looked like something straight out of the movie Jurassic Park and that it was enormous. Ward noticed that the father still seemed visibly shaken by his encounter. There is a similar story from Big Bend that involves a car, which was nearly run off the road by a “dinosaur” back in the 1970s.
Perhaps not coincidentally, the eastern collared lizard, which is native to parts of the United States, is commonly known as the Mountain Boomer; and is primarily found within the state of Oklahoma. Oddly, these lizards do possess the ability to run upright on their hind legs when threatened, but they only grow to be about fourteen inches in length.
Maybe, suggests Ken, some Texas Boomer reports might be explained by sightings of collared lizards in their upright posture or maybe even Gila monsters, which are very large and potentially-hazardous lizards native to Big Bend. Or, perchance, there really is a lost world, hidden amidst the remote canyons of west Texas populated by man-sized, upright lizards. The area is certainly steeped in deep mystery, with the famous, and presently unexplained, Marfa Lights being sighted on a regular basis in the nearby night skies.
Nick Redfern’s latest book is The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and the Face on Mars.


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