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Lair of the Beasts: Monster Rumors

Tales vs. Truth

By Nick Redfern     January 22, 2011

Rumors of the Monstrous Kind.
© Bob Trate


Within the field of cryptozoological research and the world of monster-hunting, it’s pretty much inevitable that from time to time rumors will surface that are highly intriguing but which remain infinitely difficult to resolve with any firm degree of certainty. Whether “friend-of-a-friend”-style stories, or reports that reach the proverbial brick-wall but go no further, there’s no doubt that there’s a wealth of such cases on record – and I have more than a few in my archives.
One such rumor that has reached my eyes and ears from easily a dozen people, suggests that in the immediate aftermath of the massive devastation caused by the May 1980 volcanic eruption at Mt. St. Helens, Washington, elements of the U.S. military secretly removed from the mountain the bodies of several immense, Bigfoot-type beasts that had reportedly been found by rescue-workers, and that had presumably been killed by the overwhelmingly disastrous eruption.
So, the tale goes, a contingent of Army personnel was flown in via several helicopters, and the remains of the giant beasts were airlifted – via those same helicopters – to the nearest, secure military installation, before being transferred to another locale for study and autopsy.
Of course, if the rumor has a basis in reality, then it would have profound implications for Bigfoot research. But is the story truth or fiction? I have no idea. I can say for certain that the tale has been told by a number of wholly independent sources. But, more than thirty years after the Mt. St. Helens disaster occurred, the rumor remains simply that: a rumor.
Moving across the Atlantic to England, I have heard at least 5 or 6 stories from people who claim that the British Government has, on occasion, successfully covered-up the discovery of the deceased bodies of exotic big-cats either found dead, or hit by vehicles late at night, in various parts of the country. The reason: to ensure that hysteria and the fear of killer-beasts roaming the countryside does not grip the populace.
Several of these stories have distinct, quasi-“Men in Black” overtones to them – in the sense that the witnesses claimed to have been warned by dark-suited government officials never to discuss, with anyone, the nature of the big-cats they either stumbled upon or accidentally killed.
It’s important to note that whole swathes of the British population, and even the media, do believe such cats are roaming the British Isles, and no-one really cares that much anymore – aside from those that see them, and those such as me who investigate them. And most people aren’t particularly concerned by their presence either – aside from being occasionally excited by media-hype.
But, if these rumors of cover-ups and conspiracies relative to big-cat encounters in England are true, then this would certainly elevate the issue to a whole new level – but only if, as with the Mt. St. Helens Bigfoot story of 1980, we can secure some form of proof that elevates such accounts beyond the level of mere rumor.
Then there’s the matter of Puerto Rico’s most famous blood-sucking monsters, those deadly Chupacabras. I have been on several expeditions to the island in search of these curious creatures, and one rumor I have heard on each and every occasion is that the Puerto Rican office of the FBI supposedly holds an extensive file of reports on Chupacabras sightings, attacks, and animal killings.
But there’s a twist to this rumor: the files apparently do not reflect any evidence that the Chupacabras are real animals. Rather, the documentation supposedly reveals that the FBI came to believe that the tales of the blood-sucking Chupacabras were actually ingenious cover-stories deliberately circulated by several occult groups on Puerto Rico, who were using the Chupacabras mythology to mask their very own blood-letting and animal sacrifice-based rites and rituals, as a means to appease their supposed occult gods and demons.
Again: truth or rumor? I have to admit that, having heard such rumors on a number of occasions, I don’t rule out the possibility that the Chupacabras legend may have been exploited by occultists. And, admittedly, such a tactic might very well succeed in keeping their rites and rituals of a blood-driven nature under the radar. And, that Puerto Rico does have an occult underground is not in doubt. The big question that remains at rumor-mill level is if that underground does, or does not, have something to do with the Chupacabras.
Whether the cases I have cited above – not to mention countless more I have in my files – have any basis in reality or are mere rumors that will never be substantiated, I have no firm idea. But, as long as the rumors keep coming in, I’ll keep investigating them.
Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including The NASA Conspiracies; Final Events; and the forthcoming The Real Men in Black.


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shadowcass 1/29/2011 8:02:05 AM

Remember the "Siege of Ape Canyon" in 1924, Nick? That's near Mt St Helen's and Fred Beck, who tells the tale says at least one of the ape-like things was shot.

But no bodies were found THEN either



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