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blankczech 3/16/2013 5:51:33 AM

My number 1 Hollywood monster remains Universal's classic Frankenstein Monster with the flat head and bolts in the side of neck, whether the man behind the make-up was Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney Jr., or Strange.

It's hard to imagine a list of favorite monsters that doesn't include the Alien from the 1979 film "Alien" with Sigourney Weaver.

My favorite new monster is that freaky creature that comes back to get us every 23 years in Jeepers Creepers

Hollywood has totally ruined two really great monsters...Vampires and constantly changing the mythology to suit a particular story and by romanticizing them and putting them in cheesy teenbeat flicks like the Twilight series.

VermithraxPejorative 3/16/2013 9:00:28 AM

I agree the Xenomorph from Alien should have been on the list, but also TOPS on the list! And if you have that creature, you must include the Face Hugger! It, in some ways, is actually scarier than the the Xenomoph!

The last great werewolf in ANY movie was from An American Werewolf In London. Classic transformation sequence, and not a spec of CGI to be had! Also, just a fantastic movie as well! One of the classics!

Finally, lets not forget The Thing, John Carpenter's masterpiece of a remake! THAT is still one of the best "monster movies" of all-time! Great acting. Fantabulous creature FX, sans CGI, and the best ending!




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