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Lair of the Beasts

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Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Secrets

Creatures and Conspiracies

By Nick Redfern     February 02, 2013

In just a couple of short months from now, I’ll have a new book out with New Page Books. Its title: Monster Files: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals

For absolutely decades, rumors, tales and legends have surfaced to the effect that government agencies – all around the world and since at least the 1800s - have been secretly collecting and carefully studying data on bizarre beasts, extraordinary animals, and strange creatures. 

Lake monsters, psychic dogs and cats, sea serpents, flying nightmares, and huge, hair-covered man-beasts: they have all attracted official, classified interest at one time or another. Now, for the first time, the complete, fear-filled facts can finally be revealed. And they are facts that provoke some amazing, and possibly paradigm-changing, questions:

Does the Pentagon’s top brass, deep in a secure underground bunker, secretly have one or more dead Bigfoot on ice? And, if so, has a study of these unique corpses shown the creatures to simply be apes of a type that zoology has yet to officially categorize? Or, are they something far weirder? Might they possibly, and incredibly, even be entities linked to the many and varied intricacies that lie behind the UFO phenomenon?    

What bizarre truths are the militaries of the United States and the United Kingdom hiding from us about long-necked lake monsters? Are they really surviving example of prehistoric creatures that we are assured became extinct millions of years ago? Or could they, in a very curious and convoluted fashion, be the curious creations of government itself?

How on earth can there be a link between the clandestine and controversial operations of the Central Intelligence Agency and those dark and diabolical denizens of the Himalayas known as the Abominable Snowmen? Does the CIA secretly know that this immense and legendary creature – also referred to as the Yeti – really does exist? 

Why does an old and faded British Government file exist on sightings of Godzilla-sized monsters of the seas? Is Britain’s Royal Navy sitting on amazing classified evidence suggesting that such leviathan-like creatures really are among us and are not just the stuff of sea-faring legend?

What do the Russians know about both extra-sensory perception and life after death in animals? Has the Kremlin, incredibly, discovered that animals have souls and that bodily death is not the end of life as we, and just about every other living thing on the planet too, knows it? Did the United States Army, at the height of the Cold War, try and use psychic dogs in covert military missions against the former Soviet Union?

And what is the top secret connection between the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and large, savage cats prowling around the foggy and mysterious wilds of southwest England? How could there even be a connection, in the first place, between the highest echelons of Britain’s Royal Family and exotic felines that the government of the United Kingdom assures both its citizens and the media alike are nothing more than the results of mistaken identity and folklore rolled into one controversial brew? 

These are just a few of the many amazing questions posed – and duly answered – in Monster Files.   Monsters are not myths, fantasy, legend or folklore. In their own very odd and unique ways, they are all too terrifyingly real. And the governments of our world secretly know it, too. But they don’t want you to know. But you soon will…

Nick Redfern’s Monster Files will be published by New Page Books in May 2013.


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