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Lair of the Beasts: Monsters vs. Roswell!

Pterodactyl Terror!

By Nick Redfern     January 14, 2012


No, the title of this particular feature is not a reference to a brand new Japanese Godzilla movie, despite the fact that it kind of sounds like it should be! But, it probably is the strangest title that I have ever applied to one of my posts here at Lair of the Beasts.
Back in the latter part of 2005, I did some filming for a TV show on the world's most famous UFO event. Yeah, you know the story: the New Mexico desert, little bodies, and 1947. Yep, that’s the one: Roswell. Anyway, for some odd reason that I don't think was ever really explained to me, the company chose to do the filming high in the mountains of Mexico. I actually wondered afterwards, and with hindsight, if the crew had mistaken Mexico for New Mexico!
But regardless of the reasons behind the odd location of the shoot, Mexico it was. And, for effect no doubt, the filming was done outside of a small astronomical observatory that sat high in the mountains, not too far from our base of operations in Monterrey. The photo above shows the TV crew setting up, while I wandered around, probably looking for exotic lizards or a bar, or both.
Well, not long before we started filming, an American man - in his late 50s or early 60s - strolled past, saw the cameras and equipment being set up, and engaged us all in conversation. When we told him that we there to film a show for a new mystery-based series, he asked us - in totally casual terms - something like: "Is it about the pterodactyl?"
The what???!!! Yep: a pterodactyl. That got me much more interested than Roswell ever could. It may surprise many of you to know that for absolutely decades numerous reports of creatures sounding suspiciously like pterosaurs have surfaced from the mountainous areas of Mexico. Controversial claims? Well, yes, of course they are!
But, there's no denying that such reports exist - and in sizable numbers too. Good mate Ken Gerhard - my co-author on our 2010 book Monsters of Texas - has collected literally dozens of such stories from Mexico and south Texas. So, anyway, I asked the man for more information, which he was pleased to provide, even though it was undeniably brief and fragmentary.
He explained that he worked in the tourism industry and had heard - some two months earlier - a story of a visitor to the area who claimed to have seen a huge, leathery-looking flying monster.
I asked the man how he knew the exact location, and he replied along the lines of: "The guy said it was right above the observatory in the hills." In fact, at the site of the very observatory where we were now filming! He then proceeded to point in the direction of the mountains in which the monstrous creature allegedly disappeared.
The man knew no more, went on his way with a wave of his hand, and I tried to think of something new and worthwhile to say for the cameras about Roswell. But to be filming a TV documentary on the world’s most famous UFO case, outside of an astronomical observatory above which a pterodactyl style beast was supposedly seen soaring only mere months earlier, was just plain surreal in the extreme!
I suppose I should not have been too surprised though. I have come to learn over the years that there's very little in the field of monster hunting that isn't surreal!
Nick Redfern is the author of many books on strange creatures, UFOs, and conspiracies, including his newly released title: Keep Out, which is published byNew Page Books.


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